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FDA Approves Artifical Disc

Posted by john h on 10/31/04 at 11:07 (162618)

I have mentioned in previous post that I had visited the Texas Back Institue in Dallas in August and my Dr. (Dr. Gyer) who has been the lead surgeon on the FDA trial indicated I might be a good candidate for disc replacement at the L5/S1 level. Last week the FDA completed final approval. I know some of you have back problems. This is sort of a giant step in spine surgery and you may enjoy reading about it on the Texas Back web page: http://www.texasback.com/

The procedures has a much shorter recovery time than conventional spinal fusions as you do not cut through the large back muscles or wait for bone to fuse.

Re: FDA Approves Artifical Disc

Dorothy on 10/31/04 at 15:32 (162637)

Thank you, john h, for another very interesting weblink and information.
Much appreciated. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

Re: FDA Approves Artifical Disc

SteveG on 10/31/04 at 16:43 (162642)

Ya, John, I have been following this for the last few years. As you know the biggest problem with fusion is degeneration at other levels. I saw a presentation by a doctor here at the University of Washington and he said the results from the replacements he has done have been supurb. I have had cervical disk disease for years and, I gather, they are making strides with cervical disk replacement

Re: FDA Approves Artifical Disc

john h on 10/31/04 at 18:38 (162649)

Steve I had a fusion of the C6/7 and C5/C6 about 25 years ago Steve. Bone came from my hip and surgery was through the neck. A complete cure. I could never really tell I lost any mobility although I am sure I must have. The only painful part was where the bone came from my hip. Now that hurt bad for a couple of days. Was back playing basketball in 6 months. I injured my neck in a helicopter crash and had free fragments floating around which when lodged against a nerve would cause some level 10 pain.

Re: FDA Approves Artifical Disc

sandy l on 11/01/04 at 23:33 (162752)

Do you know where the clinical reaearch papers are or where I can find that info online, thanks!