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ESWT relief?

Posted by JamesT. on 10/31/04 at 15:41 (162638)

80 year old male with a 30 year history of Plantar Fascitis, caused by an improperly applied cast to a broken leg.
The cast generated a leg ulcer which 'ate' into the Achilles tendon, which has calcified. With no 'give' in the ankle, and constant use ont he tennis courts, chronic pain level is now 6-7 (1 to 10 scale), plus normal osteoarthritis.
Question: am I likely to experience any relief through ESWT?
Doe it matter which equipment (Dornier or Ossatron) might be utilized.
Jim Taylor
(email removed)
3872 Griffin Road
Clinton, NY 13323

Re: ESWT relief?

Dr. Z on 10/31/04 at 16:01 (162640)

Do you limp when you first get up in the morning.? Is you ankle range of motion pretty good or is it very stiff?

Re: ESWT relief?

Dorothy on 11/01/04 at 00:30 (162664)

JamesT - I am not a doctor, but I think your question is a most interesting one and I do hope that the doctors here will give it their attention. One of the things you said caught my attention as well and that was '...the Achilles tendon, which has calcified.' Can you - or can the doctors - explain what is meant by that?

I will be watching for the doctors' answers to your questions and hope that mine will find an answer in there somewhere, too. Best wishes to you for getting information you need and for improvement to your health -

Re: ESWT relief?

Dr. Z on 11/01/04 at 09:13 (162676)

This is where due to trauma in this case a bone was laid into the area that was injuried. Was common with tendon injuries. Most of the repetive motion injuries where it be plantar fasciosis, achilles tendinosis, Supinatus tendinosis will laid some degree of calcification. In the heel with call this a heel spur. Make sense