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Posted by Kim on 11/01/04 at 08:27 (162672)

Denise, still have pain at the insicion site on the tss but i did not have any drainage, nor did i have any drainage on the top of the foot at the incision site ,at 4 weeks still had stitches they didnt take stitches out till the 5th week, They also had me on a antibiotic, the pain that i had before the surgery is gone but replaced with different pain at areas of the incision area, big toe underneath foot.The pressure is sometimes unbearable& sometimes the the foot feels like a 50lb. block of cement. The dr. stated on friday impressed how well i was doing & keep up what i was doing, I have overdone several times walking too much, been on my too long feet, but the dr, states i am 3weeks ahead of schedule. But, after walking to much I get such a pinching pain right underneath the inside ankle bone . I was thinking at 4 weeks of surgery I was not going to be able to walk, so it is still earlier , over the next few feeks you should see a change if not consult with a dr. But, I am glad you are calling the dr. regarding the drainage , ?? is the drainage yellow or green ,Might have a infection starting.