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"V" day is almost here

Posted by Pauline on 11/01/04 at 13:26 (162707)

How many recorded phone calls have you had today and how many 'famous' people call you?

Anyone here from the Pope?????

Re: "V" day is almost here

Suzanne D. on 11/01/04 at 13:37 (162709)

We've had two today, and my husband says there have been several other recorded calls recently when I have been at school.

But none from the Pope!
Suzanne :)

Re: "V" day is almost here

Kathy G on 11/01/04 at 18:55 (162737)

I finally figured out that my son, who no longer lives in NH, was not taken off the voter registration list and he's listed as an Independent. We've been inundated with phone calls!

The best one, which I've received three times, features a recording saying, 'I'm sorry; this message was intended for an answering machine.'

What's up with that? Do they think my answering machine votes?

Re: "V" day is almost here

Dr. Z on 11/01/04 at 21:44 (162747)

I didn't receive any special phone calls but I just got home from a very special evening with a very beautiful, charming, funny brilliant, woman. We talked and talked and talked for the last three hours. Boy did she have alot to say. Her name was Ann Coulter. It was an evening I will never forget
PS: I had permission from my wife to be out with her

Re: "V" day is almost here

Dorothy on 11/02/04 at 00:09 (162754)

Ok, don't keep us in suspense: how WILL your answering machine vote??

That's very funny - I hadn't heard of that tactic before. I wonder why the message begins with 'I'm sorry...'.

I love answering machines, but we may all end up going back to answering or not answering, without a machine, because it's not just political calls that are 'speaking to the machine'; we keep getting very long sales calls that are recordings and take up the entire recording time. Annoying.

Re: "V" day is almost here

marie on 11/02/04 at 17:04 (162812)

Oh Dr. Z I'm sooooooooooo sorry to hear that. You poor thing. You had better take yourself to the emergency room right away! :)

Re: "V" day is almost here

Dr. Z on 11/03/04 at 18:06 (162889)

Good one!

Re: "V" day is almost here

Scott on 11/03/04 at 18:49 (162892)

Hope the next one that gets off a shot at Ann Coulter with a pie, smacks her right in the kisser!!

Re: "V" day is almost here

Dr. Z on 11/03/04 at 19:03 (162896)

Hey No violence. She is very sweet,uncerstanding woman once you gets to know her

Re: "V" day is almost here

Scott on 11/04/04 at 11:32 (162946)

Not into violence either--just a little humiliation maybe...Hope you made a woman out of her!