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any moving tips?

Posted by Linda V on 11/01/04 at 15:00 (162717)

we will be leaving new england to move to florida late this winter (no hurricane jokes, please.) i have never done a long move before..any tips on hiring movers? do's and don't do ideas? we definately are NOT up to renting a truck and doing it ourselves. Thanks in advance.

Re: any moving tips?

Pauline on 11/01/04 at 20:34 (162744)

Sometimes the best referrals come from family and friends or of course through work if the move is work related.

Depending of what you can afford letting the movers come in and do the packing and using their boxes seems to make the experience a whole lot easier. Other people prefer to pack their own items but just purchase boxes through the moving company. Others just find boxes and use them.

I personally think labeling, numbering and making a list of what that box contains is helpful because when they arrive you can just direct the movers to specific rooms based on the labels. It also provides you with a list should anything go missing or get left behind on route. They will probably provide you with some type of inventory list and make certain that you do not sign off on it until you inventory everything has arrived.

After they pack and seal your boxes have some duct tape and put your own tape or pieces of tape over the sealed boxes or seal them yourself. Add your signiture on part of the tape that YOU apply where the boxes would be opened. If the tape with your marking is missing or cut you know that those boxes have been tampered with. Check them especially carefully.

Take all valuable small items with you if you can. These people have a lot of time to examine your items and with an inventory list they usually know which boxes become good targets. Anything you can do to foil tampering will help you.

Also don't let them devalue your items. If they are packing your stuff and making out an inventory list they may devalue you items for age or wear unreasonably. If possible have someone else there with you on moving day, several people if possible.

Don't pay to move what you don't need and haven't used in years. Time to clean out the house and not move unused stuff to the new one.

You'll want to ask for references and find out how long it will take for your items to arrive at the new location. Also ask about their damage policy and insurance and what happend if stuff get lost. Check with your own homeowners insurance and see how your items are covered during moving.

My nephew just moved to North C. and the movers dropped his Harley. Now I don't know how one drops a Harley because for the most part they are never picked up, but thats the story as presented to him with lots of damage.

For the most part I think moves go pretty well, just don't fool yourself that everything will be perfect.

You might also check the internet for ratings on moving companies and epinions on moving companies to see what others said about the companies and their experience.

Best of luck in your new place.

Re: any moving tips?

Dorothy on 11/01/04 at 23:22 (162751)

To Pauline - You are quite wrong when you say, as you did, 'For the most part I think moves go pretty well....' In fact, for the most part, they do not go pretty well. This is the area most often complained about to the Federal agencies that have any remote jurisdiction over that industry. Any move we have made - several cross-country - and any move that any friend or relative has made and any move that any neighbor or acquaintance or co-worker has made has been fraught with damange, destruction, loss and theft. It is the most perilous endeavor to one's property, outside of natural disasters. I could write a book on this subject; someone should! I have no idea what Linda V. should do, because there is every permutation of preparation known to humankind that people I know have tried - and still a bad experience. I personally know of only one exception: one relative moved across country and had a very good experience with no loss, serious damage, or theft. She is the exception. All of this in my humble, but rather experienced - and with many friends and family with lots of experience - opinion. It is a nightmare and if you have 'stuff' you like, it can be heartbreaking. Sorry, Linda - maybe you will have a great experience; I'm sure some people do.

Re: any moving tips?

Pauline on 11/02/04 at 08:29 (162760)

I hope Linda does have a good experience. Telling someone they are going to have a really terrible experience before it happens may just be adding more stress to an already stressfully situation. I don't think it serves a positive purpose.

I like you don't have a magic ball, I just chose to paint my picture with brighter hopeful colors.

Re: any moving tips?

Kathy G on 11/02/04 at 09:20 (162761)

Both my sisters had very positive experiences with long distance moves. In each case, they had the mover supply the boxes and do the packing. They personally moved the articles they considered most dear such as special 'knickknacks' about which they felt sentimental and their house plants. They each got estimates and didn't necessarily go with the lowest bidder but with the company with which they felt the most comfortable.

I think if you can afford to have them do the packing for you, it's well worth it. These people do this for a living and the packing that would take you three days they can do in six or eight hours, depending on the size of your home.

If you can't afford for them to do all your packing, I strongly urge you to splurge and let them at least pack the clothes because they can be so cumbersome to move yourself.

Good luck, Linda!

Re: any moving tips?

Cyndi on 11/02/04 at 10:01 (162765)

Please, please, please,take your jewelry and any vaulables with you!
You may cleanout a closet and put a 'DOT NOT TOUCH' notice on it or they will take everything! If possible put them in your car on moving day!

Also, make sure your loaders and unloaders are NOT SMOKING! I had to ask them every time we have moved to take it to the yard. It is policy,but, they always break it.
ALso if you have large items, like the Harley or piano, ALLIED has a moving service for only those items and they crate them before moving.
When I had shower curtains, I put them in the dryer so I would know where they are, Also you may do this for your bed linens. That is one thing you will want to find on unloading Day! If you will be staying in a hotel before your furniture arrives, you may want to pack a few more things like coffee, Etc. you may need while waiting.
I also took my very special photos that could not be replaced.
IF you fill up a moving van , it will arrive faster than if you share with another family.
Also get several estimates, and they will WAnt your business.
If you have a valuable, make sure it id insured correctly. I had a brass bed, And I made sure they knew it had no dents in it and they took extra care with it.
Oh, how I wish I were going to FL with you!

Re: any moving tips?

Pauline on 11/02/04 at 10:34 (162766)

Cleaver tips about linens and shower curtains. Good idea!

Re: any moving tips?

Susan S on 11/02/04 at 12:55 (162784)

I just moved across town, so this may not be available to you, but my movers offered to unpack me at the end of the day for $100 cash. I paid them, and it was the best $100 I have ever spent on myself. I sat there that night with hundreds of books in bookcases, clothes hung up and in drawers, knick-knacks set out, etc. I had no unpacking to do. Just some pictures to hang.

But good luck. It will all turn out fine, I bet.

Re: any moving tips?

Geri on 11/02/04 at 17:09 (162814)

Welcome to Florida!! Where will you be moving? We live above Tampa about an hour. We moved here from Atlanta when my husband took an early retirement and love it here. I have no moving tips to add I always have dreaded it personally, except the move here. We had an estate sale in Atlanta and sold everything. Our furniture was worn out and we did not have room for big furniture in Florida. We left Atlanta with a large trailer behind our car with our personal things we kept and our two persian kitties in the back seat. It was a great feeling to feel unemcumbered, and start out new. Our house here is small, but we do have a pool which we love. I hope you are looking forward to your move to Florida. It's good to know I'll have one foot-friend in Florida.

Re: any moving tips?

Tina H on 11/02/04 at 18:19 (162820)

Linda- I may be able to give you some tips as I've moved internationally 3 times and domestically 3 times in the last 10 years. (it sucks!) Anyway the big question, who is paying for this? You and your family or a company. How much stuff do you want to move to the US? Do you have a piano, pets, antiques? From Europe this last time we had 2 containers, which was ridiculous. I won't waste time responding until I find out more info. Also if it is a company footing the bill, is there a relocation company involved? Either way good luck and once you give me more info I can give you some advice. I can also tell you of an international company to steer clear of but I don't want to post that here, so if you post your email I'll respond privately. Best wishes to you and enjoy the Florida Sunshine!!! Bon Voyage

Re: any moving tips? More info from me..

Linda V on 11/02/04 at 20:43 (162829)

Thanks to all who have responded. Appreciate the tips, support, and cautions from all. Some good ideas so far, and I hope more come in! Geri, I am moving from NH to Wellington, Florida..near West Palm Beach. I have family just south of there, and it will be nice to be near them..although it breaks my heart to leave my folks up here in the nursing home. Luckily, airfare is real cheap, and I can come home often. Tina H...the move is ALL on us. We are fairly young retirees. I got rid of a LOT of furniture, and we are basically only taking 4 basic rooms...no appliances. My furniture is good stuff that I love...not really top of the line, but I love the styles and fabrics. I know it will probably cost about the same to move it as it would to buy it all new, but I really want it as I know it will look good in the new house. BUT at 50+, we want someone else to move it---no back injuries or u-haul problems. So...any more ideas? Thanks...

Re: any moving tips? More info from me..

Tina H on 11/03/04 at 20:14 (162900)

Woops sorry Linda, I skimmed your message too fast. Didn't see the new in front of England. Don't really have any suggestions about Domestic movers, just be careful as they charge for each box, if you let them pack it, they will fill the boxes with a lot of unnecessary paper just to have more boxes. If you box everything up you can avoid this. Very fragile stuff should be wrapped both in bubble wrap and then paper boxed in a smaller box and then put that box inside a larger box with paper in the space. Newspaper works just as well as packing paper. Good luck, Tina