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Tarsal tunnel pain relief

Posted by Norm on 11/01/04 at 20:13 (162743)

Anyone have ideas on what seems to work for the pain after tts surgery? I have tried several pain meds with not much relief.


Re: Tarsal tunnel pain relief

Geri on 11/02/04 at 13:09 (162785)

Norm: I am 1 year post-op, for severe post-op pain I took 1 vicodin and 2 aleve. For mod. pain I take 2 aleve and a half vicodin. For agravating pain, especially at the end of the day I take 2 aleve. I have used this regimen since surgery. The first few weeks you have to stay infront of the pain. Do not let it get real bad before you take something. Be sure you keep intouch with your Doctor and he knows how much pain you have. These nerves are waking up each day and they scream at you!! Some days are better than others until this day for me. I also take Neurontin 300mg three times a day and vits.-calcium and magnesium and B Vits and a multiple vit.
Hope this helps-good luck. I'm not a Doctor but I am a very active advocate for myself. I read everything I can get my hands on about tts and there is no 'magic bullet'. Your Doctor can check you for any complications, be sure and stay in touch with him.