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Pauline's World

Posted by Dorothy on 11/02/04 at 12:39 (162782)

Pauline - You are always here painting, painting, painting (you said you choose to 'paint my picture with brighter hopeful colors'...) - and always giving somebody a lecture, giving somebody the 'benefit' of your knowledge, your expertise. I have often wondered what you do for a living and how old you are and - yes - what are YOUR credentials? How can you be here 24/7, especially when you have said you have not had foot or related problems for a long time? Do you just really get excited about policing the various factions on the 'foot site'? Are you a frustrated traffic cop? Do you really consider everything here your own personal realm: You, you doctors! Give me your credentials! Be quick about it! You, over there, you are not giving the kind of help that I, Pauline, deem suitable! You, hey you! Yes, you! What is your name? Where are you from? What are you doing here? Did I tell you you could speak to my foot-kingdom? Uh-uh-uh, not so fast there, Buster; Pauline needs to see your papers before you pass her gate!

Where are your brigher, hopeful colors when you are painting your posts about doctors, podiatrists, ESWT, surgery, and all of those other subjects you devote yourself to? Why did you jump on the Millie-Ron B conversation, sending her off to lawyers and all the rest that you do, but an experienced warning to Linda about the dangers of moving cause you to make (ha!)claims of your own brighter-hopeful painter personality. I think Marie does have a brighter-hopeful personality, and she is actually an artist, but I have trouble seeing your work that way.

You can be relied upon to jump into any and all posts here and offer your OPINION - on everything, constantly. I think that's fine; it makes for a lively site when people have exchanges and conversations. If you were actually painting your 'picture with brighter hopeful colors', then I think I would usually feel brighter and more hopeful after after reading your posts, but that is usually not the case. I always envision you wagging your finger and dialing the authorities to turn in yet another 'violator'. You broadcast your good deeds here (I have bought extra Foot Trainers and GIVEN them to people! I saw the poor woman in the doctor's office and I gave her my appointment time! I am a far, far better person than you!) and I am always suspicious of people who broadcast their good deeds. Do you have a license to broadcast your good deeds? May we see your license?

Why do you feel it is your duty to WARN everybody about surgery, about health interventions, about doctors, about this and about that (usually good warnings, I think) - whether you have experience with their situation or not - and yet if I warn Linda based on my own and the personal experience of MANY people in MY life with lots of ACTUAL experience, you feel it is your duty to lecture me and portray yourself as some kind of benevolent figure here. Linda already knows her own level of stress in a move. She got good practical advice from Cyndi and Kathy G. From me, she got warnings. Red, flashing lights. Alarms: be careful and be vigilant and be prepared. I can't give her specific advice because I don't think it matters what you do to try to have a satisfactory move: the norm is that it will not go well. We have tried it all. Our family and friends have tried it all. It doesn't matter. Occasionally, it will go well. Usually it won't. Be as prepared for that as possible. If you can possibly manage it, move the things yourself that it would really break your heart to lose. For example, one of our family 'lost' beautiful handcrafted toys that her father had made her. The family still looks on ebay for them to show up, because, Pauline - only rarely do one's things just 'poof - disappear'. But maybe in the Brighter-Hopeful World, they do. Do they also just as magically re-appear in that world? Could I give you a list - mind you, it's long - of the things that magically disappeared in my family's various moves and you could go look for them in Brighter-Hopeful World? I'd love to see some of those things again. Brighter-Hopeful World sounds interesting; a place where moving companies are trusted and revered but doctors, insurance companies, website posters are in constant need of Pauline's Hand of Correction.

As for my comments for Linda's question about moving, in comparison to the very good advice she got from Kathy G and Cyndi, my advice didn't serve a practical purpose - except for this: be very vigilant and aware throughout the process because the NORM - the NORM, Pauline is for it not to go well. How often have YOU moved or know someone who has? Oh, that's right - you had a nephew who moved 'recently'. Well, among my five siblings and I, various offspring, and our in-laws alone - this is not to mention friends, neighbors and more extended family - we have probably made 30 moves in the past 5 years alone! People who actually have EXPERIENCE with it have horror stories, not 'brighter hopeful' fantasies about it. And, in any case, 'brighter hopeful' are not words I would ever ascribe to you.

Early on, when my husband and I made our first big move, the first one for which we hired a moving company and movers, we were naive. We had no idea. We were young, charming and everybody adored us and nothing bad could happen; we had the beginnings of an adorable family. We carefully budgeted and carefully saved for the few new luxuries of the time: for example, we had bought a new stereo system that was dear to us (all before CDs, DVDs, VCRs). The movers - a nationally known, famous chain - among all of the other problems that they brought to us, also were very selective in what they chose. They chose the stereo system, for example; it was 'lost'. They chose the TV, for example; it was 'lost'. And so on. We had damage, loss, theft and then we had over a year's worth of claims problems. When we arrived at our new house in another state, we met our new neighbors - all of them 'young professionals' like we were, although we were the youngest of our group. They had arrived within the year, from different states, using different moving companies from each other and from us. They each had horror stories even worse than ours. That was almost 30 years ago. We've moved several times since then. Since then, our own stories and those of our family and friends about all of our many moves have grown and expanded. As said, only one had a good experience - using the same company that has caused distress in other families. There is no consistency as to company, or locale, or type of pre-arrangments.

We have packed our own. We have had 'them' pack our stuff. We have bought their boxes and their packing materials. We have bought our own. It doesn't matter. I sit now in a house in which most rooms have damaged contents - from mild to major - from the last move we made, about 4 years ago, as well as the rooms themselves. We have had our shipment go into storage and we have had a direct shipment house to house. Nothing has altered the outcome. Our last move was the best and it was still bad.
Now, there may be moving companies that I don't know about that are different, but I can tell you that we or our family have used all of the 'majors' and it is never pretty. We have had moves where we alone or we with family members have closely monitored and supervised the whole process, but you can't be everywhere all the time; we have had moves where we have hired trusted surrogates to monitor and supervise the whole process. It doesn't matter.

So, Pauline, do spare me your lectures and little speeches. I do not in the least agree with you that you have a 'brighter hopeful' view of anything. I find your posts to be quite the opposite of that outlook. I try assiduously to avoid interacting with you here, but you 'got in my bidness' today and I take humbrage at your chastising me. Let it be said: you are not my mother! You are not the boss of me! You are not the owner/sheriff/chief authority on this site. You were here when I first visited as a reader/learner and you have been here day and night ever since. Come to think of it, maybe you are the owner/sheriff/chief authority here! You said you went to the doctor's office (gave up your appointment to the woman-worse-off-than-you, let this be a lesson to us all...) recently, so you must leave your quarters sometimes.

For our next move, my husband and I have discussed selling everything we own and starting over, rather than use movers again. Oh, in our last move, they seemed to be interested in choosing the best tools - so in that move, we lost a number of top quality power tools, and electronics. I have come to think that America's moving companies think of America's movees as the moving companies' own personal Sears/WalMart/Nordstrom/Nieman-Marcus/Target/Southeby's/Christie's - you name your favorite market.
Oh, and one last reminder - don't forget to tip everybody handsomely, at both ends of the move - for this joy. The moving business represents the ultimate redistribution of wealth. Good luck to you, Linda; I hope you are one of the exceptions with the happy outcome. And Pauline, leave me alone. You have your hands full keeping the doctors and ESWT and the insurance companies in line. You surely don't need to take on me and the moving industry, too.

Re: Pauline's World

Dr. Z on 11/02/04 at 20:33 (162828)

I think that this post should be included in the heel pain book or at the very least a footnote or a reference citation. Ha Ha

Re: Pauline's World

Pauline on 11/02/04 at 21:16 (162830)

No Dr. Z, I think you should frame the response for posterity.

Re: Pauline's World

Dr. Z on 11/02/04 at 21:38 (162831)

You are the best !! You just gave me a good laugh ! I am out of control laughing I have to admit that sometimes I love you !.

Re: Pauline's World

Pauline on 11/03/04 at 08:35 (162852)

Dr Z,
I can see it sitting on your desk. Make sure you pick an expensive, tasteful frame. Shop T.J. Maxs and get a good one for less.

I wonder how many men shop T.J Maxs compared to women?