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Posted by Judy O on 11/02/04 at 19:12 (162823)

Looking for anyone who has tried acupuncture for treatment of PF. What have the results been?

Re: Acupuncture

LARA on 11/03/04 at 08:57 (162857)

I know someone who reports that acupuncture cured her carpal tunnel syndrome (and she was a masseus and NEEDED and continued to use her hands.

Re: Acupuncture

john h on 11/04/04 at 10:31 (162931)

No results for me after about 10 treatments about 5 years ago. The person I used had a Doctorate and she was very knowledgable. Make sure you go to person who is licensed and well trained and does not reuse needles.

Re: Acupuncture

six41 on 11/04/04 at 11:06 (162944)

If anyone happens to be in Portland Oregon, there is a very inexpensive clinic you can go to where the practioners are students from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I am sure you could find this in other communities as well. I have had friends who are students and while they may not have a lot of experience, they are so excited about their 'craft' that they really work hard to provide the patient with an effective treatment.

Re: Acupuncture

Place on 11/04/04 at 14:32 (162957)

7 treatments for me none worked. Columbus also has a school that students can work on for real cheap.

Re: Acupuncture

Julie on 11/04/04 at 16:29 (162969)

Acupuncture stimulates points along the meridians (energy pathways). In so doing it improves circulation, so theoretically it could have a beneficial effect. Most people who have reported on it here have said that it did not help them (though one or two have said that it did). The important thing (I think) is to find a practitioner trained in Chinese acupuncture: the Western training focuses more on pain relief.

Most acupuncturists use disposable needles these days. It is a safe treatment, and as long as you have a trained, licensed practitioner it should do no harm and is worth trying.

Re: Acupuncture

six41 on 11/05/04 at 10:49 (163019)

I know that when I talked to my friend who just graduated from accupuncture school, he indicated that since the PF condition was commonly accrued over a long period of time it would take a reasonably long number of treatments to have an effect.

Re: Acupuncture

john h on 11/06/04 at 09:40 (163086)

When you get accupunture on your feet you will sure enjoy the needles between the toes. I sure did! It really made me forget the pain in my arch for a few moments.

Re: Acupuncture

Julie on 11/06/04 at 12:18 (163097)

An Chinese-trained acupuncturist would not necessarily needle the feet directly. S/he would treat the meridian that supplies the feet at any point along it.

Re: Acupuncture

LARA on 11/07/04 at 09:26 (163137)

I agree Julie. I go for accupuncture for a different ailment - more problematic than my feet (hard as that can be to imagine) - it's on the list of things to work on after my other problems gets resolved sufficiently.

In any case, he has said he won't work on my feet directly - at least not at first.

Re: Acupuncture

Darlene on 11/07/04 at 10:06 (163150)

I went to 2 different practitioners for acupuncture.

The first one really hurt - used pretty thick needles.

The 2nd one was an MD, originally from China, with lots of experience and it was totally painless.