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Posted by Pauline on 11/03/04 at 14:44 (162873)

To those that suffer from this very painful condition did your case just appear on its own like P.F. does or did it follow from a surgery or another condition that you were having treated?

I'm trying to understand how it develops or what can cause it to develop. Are there any precautions that one can take to guard against getting TTS during their lifetime?

Re: Curious

SKULL on 11/04/04 at 22:15 (162994)

I had a bad sprain. It was really a break of the tarsal bone too.

If you ever do have a sprain, you need it supported - my doc says I should have at the least been put in a cast boot and given PT. (But now we also know they really should have seen that the top of my talus was broken.)

If I knew then what I know now, I'd have seen a podiatrist after my very bad sprain and not a regular orthapedist that was best with arms.

Re: Curious

LARA on 11/07/04 at 09:50 (163142)

Mine just 'came on'. NO injury. I suspect my mother and grandmother also had TTS, but much later in life and more mild. At a time when their life was more sedentary (after retirement) so they just rested when it came on.

I think there are precautions that you can take.
-Always where shoes with good support.

-Don't go barefoot.
-Don't jog or do other athletics in anything but really good shoes designed for that activity.
Choose atheltic activities that don't require you to pound your feet on hard surfaces (jogging on roads, basketball, maybe gymnastics - they have mats, but pound their feet much harder than even basketball players).

Having said this, many/most people don't follow this advice and never get TTS, and some people follow this advice and do get TTS. It's just hedging your bets. Except for the part about shoes, I don't think I'd follow any of the above advice unless I had reason to think I was vulnerable to TTS.

I also think that either menopause, or medications that cause water retention contributred to my TTS. We'll never know for sure. However, avoiding water and things that cause water retention seems a bit excessive in the absence of symptoms.