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Bad results from Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Posted by MaryM on 11/03/04 at 18:08 (162890)

Had pf surgery July 29. After initial tenderness, seemed to be all right
for a couple of weeks, till just about the time it 'looked' pretty much like it had healed. At that time, I no longer felt the pf kind of pain,
thankfully, but now had a pain with every step, in the incision, PLUS
all five toes on that foot curled under, and now look like the description
I've heard of hammertoes. Needless to say, besides the pain from the
incision area and now the pain from toes rubbing the top of shoes, I am
miserable with every step I take. I can't bend that foot without pain
on the top of my foot (directly up over the incision area). If that
weren't enough, I can feel the heel spur now, more than before surgery. The doctor says it has never happened before and really does not know
what to tell me to do now. She made some kind of getup out of wide
bandage and slid it onto my foot. It hurt so much to wear, I
had to get it off right after I got home from her office. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you.

Re: Bad results from Plantar Fasciitis Surgery

Dr. Z on 11/03/04 at 18:20 (162891)

Did you have a the type of plantar fascia release where they did the procedure thru a scope?