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Posted by JudyS on 11/03/04 at 19:58 (162898)

Hi Everybody - I know I know - I'm pretty much a stranger here these days! But I thought I'd say hi anyway.. I think of all of you often...especially these days as one tends to think of a lot of things when sitting on the jury in week eight of a five-week trial! Wow does it get tedious at times. We have at least three more weeks to go!

No - it's not the Scott Peterson trial!


Re: hi!

Suzanne D. on 11/03/04 at 21:22 (162909)

Hi, Judy! It's good to hear from you! So you're still doing jury duty. Eleven weeks seems like a long time.

I thought of you last night while watching the election returns. I realized how connected I feel with so many of you while looking at the US map: I thought of you when California was mentioned, John H. when Arkansas was shown, Carole C. when Louisiana was featured...

Take care, and keep checking in here whenever you can!
Suzanne :)

Re: hi!

john h on 11/04/04 at 10:56 (162938)

We had a very large gas explosion in Little Rock on Tuesday which made national TV. A 4' gas line was punctured by someone laying cable at a very busy intersection about 1 mile from my home. The gas quickly began to accumulate in the damp heavy air. A car became stalled in the intersection and when the lady tried to restart her ignition set off the explosion. buring up the asphalt in the street, the stop light and a big hole in the ground. The fire was into the air about 100 feet or more. We were having rain at the time (4' came down) which helped control it. No one injured. We have had rain for 5 straight days.

The Clinton Library will open in less than a month. All hotels are fully booked. All ex Presidents will be here and probably a lot of overseas dignatiries. Little Rock has installed a Trolley at a very great expense that runs around the city and sevices the new Library. We changed the name of a major street to President Clinton Avenue. President Clinton was in town Sunday to give a speech for the Kerry ticket but Arkansas went heavily for Bush as they did last time. The Library is really impressive and in an old district of Little Rock called the River Front District.Reminds me of Beale Street District in Memphis. A lot of fashionable shops have opened in the area and few high rise condos that run over $1 million dollars. Bill has his own appartment in the Library.He really did not look real good. He has lost some weight and probably should not be on the politcal trail so soon after heart surgery. I had this feeling he was really not giving Kerry all that much of an endorsement. Just an opinion. I ran into Paula Jones (remember her) at a donut shop last year. She has really had some major work on her face especially the nose and looked very attractive and was dressed well. When she opened her mouth however you knew it was Paula. She lives in a small town north of Little Rock. If any of you ever come to Little Rock to vist the Clinton Library be sure and let me known.

Re: Hi Judy!

Kathy G on 11/04/04 at 16:27 (162967)

So nice to see you here. I didn't realize that jury duty was that long. I don't remember how long my son served but I know it wasn't anywhere that long a period. It probably depends on whether it's state or city court, etc. I do know he said he got a lot of reading done because most of the cases were settled out of court and he was disqualified for a couple of others.

How's the hand? Here's a stupid question. Living where you do, do you get to play softball year round?

Re: John

Kathy G on 11/04/04 at 16:30 (162970)

I was shocked at how think Bill Clinton was. I don't think the doctors really gave him the go-ahead to campaign and I think he found it much more tiring than he expected.

As he said, all those years or poor eating habits, along with his family history, simply caught up to him.

I'll certainly let you know if I'm ever in the Little Rock area but the odds are pretty remote. I'd love to visit all the presidential libraries but the only one I've been to is the John F. Kennedy Library because it's not far from here.

Re: John

john h on 11/05/04 at 10:21 (163016)

Bill will have a big week in just two weeks when his Library opens. He has invited 30,000 people and it will be a one week event. The hotels are all booked. The media is already starting to arrive. People from around the world, a lot of Hollywood celebs will be here. I will be lucky to get within a mile of the place but then they will all leave and I can go through it at my leisure. Bill cannot resist making speeches but he sure needs to tone it down after his heart surgery.

Re: John

marie on 11/05/04 at 17:16 (163051)

I agree Clinton looked pale and still a little frail. I think it did him good to get out but I am glad he is home resting now.

I'd love to see the library someday. One of those have to do things on my growing list.


Re: Hi Judy!

JudyS on 11/06/04 at 02:31 (163072)

Hi Kathy! Yes, we absolutely do play softball year-round! Having lived in San Diego now for some thirty years, I am sometimes convinced that I was 'accidently' born in Michigan! Not that I have anything against Michigan, I love Michigan - but California was definately made for me and my need to be outside most of the time!

It's actually a very long trial that I'm on the jury for. It's a medical-malpractice case. Actual reporting for a jury here is only one-day commitment.(unless, of course, you get on a jury) It used to be a week. Federal court is a 30 day commitment.

Re: Hi Judy!

Kathy G on 11/06/04 at 08:41 (163078)

Well that explains why my son thiks San Diego is heaven! He hates cold weather and spends every minute of the warm weather outside. He took up winter surfing so he'd have an outdoor activity in the winter time.

I can't quite understand why but although he lives in MA right now, he wants to relocate back to NH. He's not that family-oriented so I don't think it's because we're here, not that I'm complaining! He's traveled extensively but he says he wants to live in New England. I think it goes to what someone said, was it Linda?, that once a New Englander, always a New Englander!

Sounds like the testimony in this case could be kind of tedious. Hope it ends soon!

Re: Hi Judy!

john h on 11/06/04 at 09:45 (163087)

Cape Cod was a bachelor heaven in the summer. The Maine winters were worse than Iceland and were much like Goose Bay, Labrador. When winter came you pack it in and live at the Officers Club. I have definitely decided I prefer the jungle to the ice cap. Maine never looked quite like Jessica's home town in Murder She Wrote. From 40,000 feet however it was awsome. I spent some winters in Bangor. Cold cold and more cold.

Re: Hi Judy!

Kathy G on 11/07/04 at 09:31 (163138)

Bangor is cold even in the summer! I can't imagine living in such a cold place but then most people in the South can't imagine living in NH either! I guess it's all relative.

We're expecting some very cold nights next week so I will reluctantly pull my chrysantemums out of my whiskey barrel. This is the longest they've lasted and they're still quite pretty. I hate the look of dead flowers so I'll pull them up while before they die from the cold.

As I always say, living in New England makes us appreciate the summer and spring so much more than if we had warm weather year round. How's that for rationalization?

Re: Hi Judy!

Pauline on 11/07/04 at 12:26 (163155)

But lets not forget the good live lobsters that we can purchase at the airport in Bangor. Anyone flying through Bangor really appreciates the stop not only for the fast immigation process but for the lobsters they get to take home.

Re: Judy

wendyn on 11/07/04 at 18:16 (163179)

Judy, that is a brutally long trial!!! I served 3 days, and I can't imagine what it's like for you. I think that I would get VERY tired of dealing with the same people day after day.

You'll have to tell us all about it when it's over (if you're allowed)

Re: Hi Judy!

john h on 11/08/04 at 10:54 (163218)

When I was stationed at Otis AFB on Capecod (Falmouth) I was flying F-94 fighters. On some of my weekly training flights I would fly to Goose Bay Labrador or Harmon, New Foundland to buy some fresh lobster and have it home for evening dinner. It was caught fresh that day. Your tax money at work. Actually we just refuled there so I had plenty of room in my aircraft so why not. I cannot remember but I do not think I payed more than $1.00 for a nice large lobster.

Re: Hi Judy!

john h on 11/08/04 at 11:08 (163220)

Kathy my flying seemed to take me every where. There was a large Air Force Base in New Hampshire.(Pease AFB) I was on a flight returning from Europe. My home base in New Jersey was fogged out and our alternate was the New PeaseAFB in New Hampshire. We landed about midnight. The passengers were all taken to local hotels. My crew and I decided we were hungary and asked a cab driver to take us some place to eat. He said only a couple of places were still open so he took us to a local eatery. There were 6 on my crew (two pilots,navigator,engineer, and two flight attendants). The resturant looked nice and it was very full considering it was now near 1am on a weeknight. We were seated and then as we looked around it was clear we were in a gay/cross dressing bar resturant. We had not even placed our order when a fight broke out and in less than a minute the entire place was a war zone and everyone was fighting. I led our crew out the back door through the kitchen as the front door was the center of the battle zone. We had no sooner out than the police in force had arrived and sealed off all exits. Everyone in the place was hauled off in paddy wagons. We missed by less than a minute being hauled off to jail with the rest of the combatants. I would sure have had a problem explaining this to my Commander had I gone to jail with this crowd as this was the late 50's.I came back to this base in the 60's for about a week on an inspection tour so got to spend some time around the local area. It was winter and it was cole.