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Funny ways kids say things

Posted by Richard, C.Ped on 11/04/04 at 15:18 (162961)

I had lunch with my wife, 3 year old daughter and soon to be 1 year old son. My daughter still pronounces some things in her own way.

For 'thirsty', she says, 'I'm sturfy'

Mustard is 'Hessmer'

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Suzanne D. on 11/04/04 at 16:11 (162963)

That's cute, Richard! :)

Does she say 'pasketti' for spaghetti? Both my daughters said that when they were little.

I still hear some cute variations of words coming from my first graders fairly often. Right now I am tired, though, and I just can't think of an example!

Suzanne :)

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Kathy G on 11/04/04 at 16:35 (162971)

What neat ages they're at, Richard. Did they enjoy Halloween?

When my daughter was little, she called spaghetti, 'pisketti.' At dinner one evening, she was laughing about a little boy at her nursery school who said it 'skibetti!' She said she didn't want to hurt his feelings so she didn't tell him the proper way to say it was 'pisketti.' To this day, we all laugh about it.

Enjoy them; they grow up so fast. A cliche but it's true!

Re: Funny ways kids say things

vince on 11/04/04 at 20:16 (162985)

My daughter at about age 2 called a washcloth a 'togwarf'

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Linda V on 11/04/04 at 22:06 (162992)

my daughter had a stuffed disney dumbo..her 'helfunet'

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Carole C in NOLA on 11/05/04 at 13:17 (163031)

When she was little, my daughter used to call butterflies, 'fa-flies'. A 'fa-fly' could also be a firefly or a french fry, but the intonation was slightly different for each. Sort of an all-purpose word!

She pronounced her name, Christina, 'kit-tina'.

She loved running to a corner of the house, peering around the corner, and announcing that there was a pink camel there! Gails of giggles and she would run back to mommy. That was her imaginary friend. I would look around the corner too, and pretend to be astounded at the pink camel. It was a favorite game. That same year, her uncle sent her a stuffed pinkish beige camel, totally by coincidence since he lived in a different state and did not know about the pink camel. She still has 'Cammie', the stuffed pink camel.

Carole C

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Suzanne D. on 11/05/04 at 14:26 (163037)

What a sweet story, Carole! My youngest had an imaginary friend named 'Bingo'. We never knew what he looked like, but he was always around. :) She was sick very often when she was young, and even the lady at the drug store would ask about Bingo when we came for medicine!

Suzanne :)

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Carole C in NOLA on 11/05/04 at 16:21 (163045)

How cute!! I was so glad that Christina had an imaginary friend to play with, though at the time I did not know if encouraging it might be incorrect parenting. But she enjoyed The Pink Camel's visits, and we had fun playing together like that, so I guess it did no harm.

The Pink Camel didn't visit much after she started pre-school, because life became ever so much more exciting then. She still has that bedraggled stuffed camel even though she is 26 now.

Carole C

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Carole C in NOLA on 11/05/04 at 16:27 (163046)

Now that I think of it, when I was a little girl I had an imaginary friend, too. Her name was Mary-Jane-In-The-Country-In-The-Woods (what a long name! My brother thought perhaps it was a Slavic name. :) ) Anyway I never called her Mary Jane... she was always Mary-Jane-In-The-Country-In-The-Woods.

Mary-Jane-In-The-Country-In-The-Woods and I played together and she ALWAYS told me I was right and was on my side in disagreements. I told my mother that Mary-Jane-In-The-Country-In-The-Woods's mother let HER stay up late, so she should let me stay up, too... and that sort of thing.

I really liked having an imaginary friend, and I'm sure your daughter took great comfort from having her imaginary friend Bingo always there when she was feeling so sick!


Re: Funny ways kids say things

Tina H on 11/07/04 at 18:08 (163177)

When I was pregnant with our second child, my son was 3. We didn't know if the baby would be a boy or a girl, but we had names for both. The whole time I was pregnant my son would tell everyone that it was his baby sister Kaitwin, he couldn't pronounce 'l's'. Kaitlin was not the name we picked for a girl, but when she arrived and Kevin saw her minutes after her birth, he said 'Hi baby Kaitwin, I knew it was you!' Needless to say we decided to name her Kaitlin.

Re: Funny ways kids say things

Carole C in NOLA on 11/07/04 at 18:45 (163180)

That is so cute, Tina! :)

Carole C