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Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes

Posted by Linda V on 11/04/04 at 22:21 (162995)

I'm sure others have heard the claim that taking 1/4 tsp of Cinammon per day can help lower cholesterol and blood sugar. Anyone trying this? Or check the studies? Does it matter WHAT type of cinammon to use? Side effects?

Re: Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes

Pauline on 11/05/04 at 09:01 (163008)

I started using Cinammon a few months back after reading a similar article. I've haven't gone in for a second blood draw to see it it made a difference in cholesterol yet. I did have one earlier because of a yearly physical so I knew my starting point and told my doctor that I was going to start using cinammon. His response was watch your diet and exercise more and cinammon well try it if you want to, but no real support for it.

You need to know that, I follow and have followed a more or less diabetic diet now for several years, not because I'm diabetic but because I've cut way back on sugar intake. I've not noticed any side effects from the cinammon, but although it sounds like a small amount, 1/4 teaspoon is quite a large amount when you're trying to consume it in items that will not add lots of sugar to your diet.

Just because I don't have any side effects doesn't mean that there are none. People can be allergic or develop anything based on their own body reaction. My doctor knows I'm using cinammon. I'm not recommending it to anyone without saying before you start anything even asprin you should always check with your doctor. It just makes good sense.

Who knows you may be taking a medication that doesn't mix with Cinnamon, anything is possible. Checking with your doctor is playing it safe even if he doesn't belive in cinnamon therapy, besides you need a blood test to tell you your starting numbers.

I use the store brand cinammon. Nothing special.

Re: Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes

john h on 11/05/04 at 10:15 (163015)

From all the articles I have read cinnamon is really a good product for many things even an upset stomach. I think anyone with a cholesterol problem should seriously look at one of the Satins like Lipitor. Discuss it with your Doctor. I think there is more Liptor sold than any other drug. It seem each month studies find that Statins have good effects beyond cholesterol such as reduced stroke, reduced colon cancer. it will actually remove plaque from your arteries and on and on. I think there are over 9 million people who have been on the drug for years and it can reduce your cholesterol by up to 60% and improve your good cholesterol. I heard a Doctor on TV last week who was involved with studies on Statins indicate there were probably 20 million people who should be on this drug due to its ability to reduce heart problems. Many people with high cholesterol cannot reduce it with diet or exercise. It can be an inheirted trait. When I was at my peak of condition and running marathhons, skinny, eating well my cholesterol was around 210 total but my good cholesterol just would not go about 43-45. Later with PF I could not run and my total cholesterol jumped to aorund 220 which at that time was considered borderline. I went on 10mg of Liptor and within two weeks my total cholesterol was down to 150 and my CHDL was 47. I have stayed in this range on the low dose of 10 mg for the last 5 years. Just this past month new guidlines for what is acceptable cholesterol levels have been recommended. Depending on your heart risk factors they may now reccomend your total cholesterol be as low as 100. If you have say 1-2 risk factors you may need to keep your total around 150. Cholesterol level is without question one of the major factors in developing heart disease the major cause of death among both woment and men. There are cautions as with any drug when taking Statins. The main one being liver function. During the first year have a simple blood test several times and if you have developed no problems you will probably never develop them. Very few people have any side effects. I have never had any side effects what so ever. The drugs are not cheap so if your insurance does not cover them many can be priced out of the market. There are now about 4 Statins on the market such as Lipitor,Zocor and one which was just recently introduced. You can take them without food. They cause not stomach problems. If you have never had your cholesterol checked you need to do it. If it is high you need to do something about it such as exercise, eat right, and last resort go on drug therapy as it works and has a lot of other good side benefits. I know a number of Doctors who feel so strongly about the drug they take it as a preventive treatment themselves.

Re: Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes

Pauline on 11/05/04 at 11:03 (163020)

I heard the Statins are suppose to be taken at night because that is when the most cholesterol is formed. Is this correct???

Re: Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes

john h on 11/05/04 at 11:42 (163024)

Pauline I do not know. I take mine first thing when I get up in the morning. The Doctor did not direct any time to take it. Drugest said take it with or without food anytime. I have a blood test every year just as part of my medical checkups so my liver function is alway checked. Never been anything but normal. The new product on the market is Crestor which claims in recent studies comparing all statins they were most effective. Maybe just advertising I do not know. I have never seen an article that did not have good things to say about statins.

Re: Cinammon, Cholesterol, and Type II Diabetes

Linda V on 11/05/04 at 14:10 (163036)

With my age and genes catching up with me (and my PF limiting the 10 miles I used to walk weekly)..my cholesterol took a major jump to 305...last year it was in the 240's, but my ratio was good. So, last week I started Lipitor 10 mg. Yes, I have heard it is better taken in the evening, although the literature that came with my prescription did not specify a time. I will get rechecked in 5 weeks, along with repeat LFT's (liver function tests). Not thrilled to be on this, but my doctor and I agree that its best to stick with something that has been around for a while and not jump into the new products recently on the market. I will continue to try to watch the diet, exercise as much as my PF will allow, and will not anticipate any horror story side effects.