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To John h re massagers

Posted by Marsha H on 11/07/04 at 09:17 (163135)

Interested in your input on type of massager you have from Sharper Image. Do you find it useful for routine treatment or
just an occassional 'treat to the feet?' Have long-standing bi-lateral pf and am looking for some help during the extra strain of the holidays. Aothough the cost is high, as you said, the ads are impressive and hope springs eternal for most any form of relief! Any info from anyone would be appreciated.

Re: To John h re massagers

john h on 11/08/04 at 11:18 (163223)

Marsha: I do not think the massager will cure your PF but it as close to a hands on massage as you can get. It uses the shusitui(?) type of massage and can be very vigorous. It can also vibrate at various frequencies. You operate the controls with your toes and it is slanted when sitting on the floor so it is easy to sit in a chair and enjoy. It certainly can increase blood flow in your feet and you can move your feet so as to really direct the massage to a specific area. I have had it for about 5 years and as I recall it cost around $250. It is a very heavy duty piece of equipment.

Re: To John h re massagers

Marsha H on 11/09/04 at 13:27 (163351)

John, Thanks, sounds great, but as you say, expensive. I believe I paid around $30 for a portable chair-side bicycle which has probably benefitted me more than anything to date....and I have been the route of devices and treatments. Would like to try this massager out before investing that much....maybe on my next visit to the city!