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New othotics and foot cramps

Posted by Lauren on 11/08/04 at 19:52 (163283)

Is it common to have extremely painful cramps occur in a foot while wearing brand new custom-made orthotics? (being treated for PF) I called the pod who recommends continuing to wear them so that I can get used to them. I understand I need to retrain the structure of my foot and that this will take time, but by the same token I don't want to cause more damage than I already have. Thanks for any insight you can offer.

Re: New othotics and foot cramps

Richard, C.Ped on 11/09/04 at 08:01 (163315)

The orthosis puts your foot in a position that it is not used to. I would suggest cutting back on the time you wear them each day. If it continues, please let the doc know what you have tried. If you receive the same answer, I would find a C.Ped.

Re: New othotics and foot cramps

Lauren on 11/13/04 at 11:01 (163826)

Thanks for your reply, Richard.

And another question, to you or anyone... just how long does it usually take arches to get used to new othotics? It continues to feel like there is a hard stone under the arches with each step after one week. I know a week isn't all that long in the grand scheme of things, but if I had some idea of how long I'm going to have to cope with this sensation I might be happier about it.