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OssaTron or surgery

Posted by Steve M. on 11/09/04 at 08:01 (163316)

I've been told I have heel spurs and Plantar Fasiitis on both feet. I had surgery on both about ten years ago to have the fascia cut and honestly don't remember if it helped much. The pain has increased tremendously over the past several months. Last week I went to a podiatrist and that's when I was informed of the spurs.

He told me my choices were either OssaTron or surgery, my call. But he also said that due to me already having the surgery once, the chance of OssaTron being successful is only about 50%.

I just hate to go months while having the OssaTron treatment only to discover at the end that I'll need surgery.

I'm just looking for another opinion since I've already had surgery. Any responce is appreciated. Thankyou, Steve

Re: OssaTron or surgery

Dr. Z on 11/09/04 at 08:42 (163322)

The sucess rate is less according to Healthronics when previous surgery is undertaken. I have no idea what the success rate is after surgery and then having surgery. You state that you don't remember if the first surgery helped.
This is an interesting question and I will try to answer you. I am assuming that the correct diagnosis has been made and that you in fact are ESWT candidate. I would go for the ESWT due to the fact that there are serious potential risks with plantar fascia surgery, such as infection , nerve damage, foot worse off etc.

Re: OssaTron or surgery

Dr Pearl on 11/09/04 at 12:28 (163345)

I agree. Imagine how unhappy you will be if open surgery does not help.
No guarantees with any treatment