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Bruseing after tts surgery

Posted by Norm on 11/09/04 at 11:40 (163339)

Anyone have bruiseing after tts surgery on the bottom of their surgical foot? It kinda feels like I am walking on acorns or rocks in several areas of the foot. If it was not for this I think I could go back to work next week. I had the surgery 10/06/04.


Re: Bruseing after tts surgery

denise g on 11/09/04 at 20:39 (163395)

I have bad bruising and pain above the incision, bruising was purple and hot, now red, but sore, burning and painful. Physical therapist said it is scar tissue that is causing the burning. Good luck to you.

Re: Bruseing after tts surgery

Terri on 11/11/04 at 06:35 (163515)

Yes, I was badly bruised right up the center on the bottom of my foot too. My surgeon told me it was due to him basically tunneling under the skin while following the nerve branch to ensure it wasn't further entrapped elsewhere. But then, my surgeon turned out to be an idiot who left me worse off than before (that's another whole story). My surgery was Jan. 2nd of this year and I still have a strange sensation as if there are a couple of lumps under the skin just below the last 2 toes on the metatarsal pad, can even hear them crunch if I happen to walk barefoot on a hard floor. Prior to my surgery this never existed.