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One Question on achiness

Posted by Mel on 11/10/04 at 18:33 (163486)

I have one question about the way my feet feel.

The pain in my feet is in the heels primarily. If you have TTS is it common to have the heels ACHE....? They hurt not with a stabbing pain, but an unrelenting hard ache in both. This only happens on standing, not walking or resting.

Had an NVC that showed negative, but Dr. feels it still might be TTS.
When I read about the symptoms people experience with TTS , I never hear them say their heels ache.


Re: One Question on achiness

skull on 11/10/04 at 18:40 (163488)

Mine does sometimes. The most severe pain is when I feel a stabbing pain and it swells, then the aching sets in and then if that gets severe I get the electrical shooting type pains and the zinges.

So yes, sometimes when my ankle is doing better it aches like there is no padding at all on my heel. Mine started with more the aches but has progressed.

Is it worse at night? Mine is always worse at night after being up all day.

Re: One Question on achiness

Kim on 11/10/04 at 23:01 (163503)

My heel only hurt that way twice so i went to a bigger sneaker with more padding but yet a lighter sneaker if that makes sense , its a nike air sneaker & is a mens sneaker found the sneaker at JCPENNY.

Re: One Question on achiness

audrey s on 11/17/04 at 08:34 (164150)

The reason I first went to see the podiatrist was because of severe pain in my heel. I just had tts surgery a week ago, after over two years of pain and all of the conservative treatments failed. It felt like there was a spike in my heel especially if I was on my feet. I hope you feel better soon.