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heel spur and high arch

Posted by am on 11/11/04 at 06:22 (163512)

live in Greece been to several doctors over last 3 months all with different ideas though agree spur and high arch - had one cortisone which made it worse started using heel protection insets but made me have cramps and hot tingling feelings - now in athletic shoes without heel protection which stopped cramps at night etc but still the heel hurts when I step down and walk. Now trying made to measure full inner sole for whole foot. If this doesn't work after 2 months latest doctor wants me to have operation to release tendon in arch to stop bone spur pulling. Is this a good thing to do and what other alternatives can you suggest. All the doctots didn't suggest exercise but feel I should be doing something myself. Please help and if anyone knows of a specialist in Greece please let me know as I have only been sent to general orthopedic doctors not a foot specialist.

Re: heel spur and high arch

Terri on 11/12/04 at 18:17 (163754)

Please read Scott's heel pain book on the link above. You will find many suggestions for exercises, taping, icing, etc. and can be better prepared when you see the doctor again.