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TTS post op rehab ? for Delllon trained docs

Posted by Buck on 11/11/04 at 07:33 (163517)

I am heading towards TTS surgery after exhausting multiple other routes.

I have my meeting with my doc next week, but was curious about the rehab routine for Dellon trained docs. The reason I ask is my doc asked me to see if i could find access to a pool so I could do some water rehab (treading/running in water).

I have not seen others post much about this, so I was curious if others had gone through this. If so, how early after the surgery would this begin? How painfull was the exercise?

Also for others when you say you could not go back to work for at least a month, do you think I could get back earlier since I work at a desk all day? Are you still on pain meds beyond a month that would make me tired at work?


Re: TTS post op rehab ? for Delllon trained docs

skull on 11/11/04 at 13:46 (163572)

There are days that I can go in and work behind a desk all day, and there are days that are so bad as soon as I get up that I just know I can't do it.

I've not had the surgery, but I've been reading a lot about it. I think it really varies case by case as to how well folks do. Some folks feel better immediately but I've seen too many others that it looks like get worse for a while first.

Re: TTS post op rehab ? for Delllon trained docs

denise g on 11/11/04 at 18:25 (163610)

I went back to work after 2 weeks, when they took the cast off, found it was too early and then went back in another week to a desk job. I was ok, it is only now after 6 weeks that i'm developing scar tissue and have lots of burning pain making it more difficult than before, tss pain is gone, hoping to break up the scar tissue with physical therapy.
I might do some field work next week 7 weeks post op as my job necessitates it or I will be stuck permanently on a desk job doing something I don't like.
Good luck to you, I think in the end I will be thrilled with the outcome, just having a temporary setback.

Re: Scar Tissue

Darlene on 11/11/04 at 18:54 (163612)


Did you see my post a couple of weeks ago on Castor Oil for scar tissue? A rehab centre here swears by it.

Re: TTS post op rehab ? for Delllon trained docs

chrisb on 11/13/04 at 11:38 (163828)

I had TTS surgery from Dr dellon 7 months ago. His post-op instructions were to start weight-bearing within days, little by little, using a walker. His idea was to get things moving to avoid adherances, rather than leaving the foot immobile for weeks. Stitches came out at 3 weeks, after which I did water-walking.
If I were you I wouldn't plan on going to work for a month. I had swelling for some time after surgery and had to keep the foot elevated constantly. I never needed pain meds but lived on Advil for the swelling.
I was given a 90% chance that surgery would fix my problem. Unfortunately it hasn't, but I can say that I'm no worse for it. Which makes me luckier than some people on this board.
Good luck.