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Two Rounds of ESWT

Posted by Place on 11/11/04 at 11:38 (163554)

Has anyone tried two rounds of ESWT? I have had ESWT on both feet but it had no effect. My doc says that it might be benifical to have another round, I have heard that if there is no change after the first, that the second will do nothing.

Re: Two Rounds of ESWT

Dr. Z on 11/11/04 at 12:38 (163561)

Generally speaking that is true. The question is did you have any change. Sometimes that is very hard to determine and can only be evaluated according to activity. For example, my feet hurt but I am able to do more activity. That is positive improvement and a second round may be in order. The physical examination must also be indicative for plantar fascia in addtional to the status of improvement for a second round to be considered