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Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

Posted by Kathy G on 11/11/04 at 13:11 (163568)

Too many people think of Veteran's Day as being a day for no school and big sales in the local stores. I'd like to thank you, John, and any of our other posters, who served in the military so that we could have the luxury of going to those sales and live in a democracy.

May our soldiers abroad make it home safe so that they can, too, be honored on Veteran's Day. And may this awful war be over soon.

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

Dorothy on 11/11/04 at 14:03 (163574)

Hear! Hear!

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

Suzanne D. on 11/11/04 at 16:15 (163590)

Today I thought of you, John, and Brian G. Happy Veteran's Day to you both! And the same to any other veterans who may be reading.

Suzanne :)

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

john h on 11/11/04 at 17:53 (163606)

I went to the near by Air Force Base today to renew my car decal. It is a 35 minute drive. Guess what? They were closed. They have a group of old aircraft on display I once flew so I stopped and enjoyed some old memories (C-130, B-47, UH-1 Huey, C-123, C-119), All were once the primary aircraft of this base. The C-130 spent most of its life in Vietnam and its history is on a plaque. I had flown in it once as a passenger.

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

john h on 11/11/04 at 18:03 (163609)

Thank you!

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

BrianG on 11/12/04 at 21:27 (163772)

Thanks for thinking about us, ladies. I just popped in for a few minutes tonight. The heels are still bad, and getting worse. I try to keep busy by getting rid of the leaves, and spending a little time in the woods with my dog. This is a great time of the year to be outside / woods. No flies, bugs, bees, etc, as we have already had some hard freezes. The one critter I still have to watch out for is the deer tick. It's tiny, but carries the lyme disease. If you have them in your area, watch for the symptoms. They can start as achng muscles, not unlike the flu. Most of the time a reddish ring will form around the bite area. If you ever notice this, get yourself to a doctor asap. Dogs and cats can be protected by a monthly dose of 'Frontline Plus'. As far as I know, it's only avilable from the Vet's office, but is well worth it, because it works! My dog, 2 and 1/2, has never had a flea, and only one tick. Like I said, good stuff.

Hope everyone is coping,

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

john h on 11/13/04 at 10:37 (163822)

Hey Brian good to hear form you. I am not a hunter but deer season opened in Arkasas today and 300,000 wild men and women hit the woods. Someone is always shot including cows,horses and anything else that moves. It was 38 this morning and we have not had a hard freeze yet so the skeeters are still about. All the ex Presidents and I think even President Bush are due in town next week for the opening of the Clinton Library. Security is alreay ramping up.The worst part about my big yard is leaves and they are now oomming down in bundles When I finish with this session I am about to start on the leaves which takes every weekend though early Jan. Also requires me to get on the roof. Just like clockwork I finish up with the leaves the first week in January. I use Advantage on my cats which I think is better flea protecton but it offers no help for ticks. I do not know where you buy your products but the least expensive place I have found is http://www.petmeds.com . No visit to the Doc and much less expensive than the Doc. You do not need a prescription for either Frontline or Advantage and they have it in ever size made. I think they sell more of these meds than any place in the nation. You will see their adds on TV all the time. As you know this stuff is not cheap and when you go to the vet you always end up with the vet bill visit which happens to be more expensive than a people visit to your local Doctor. A local cat which has been around for years and no one seems to own fell out of a tall tree several months ago and completely broke his back leg into. He limped off and I could not catch him. A week later he showed up at my door with his leg just flopping around. The surgery cost me $700. His leg will never be the same but he can get around. Cannot climb so I had to bring him in and make him a house cat. I figured I would just stop buying some of the PF junk for about 6 months and I will save the $700. You may be like me and probably never sit still long enouhg for your PF to heal. Nice hearing from you. Semper Fi friend.

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

BrianG on 11/13/04 at 18:33 (163864)

Hi John,

So far, only archery for deer, and shotgun for birds are open here. Shotgun for deer opens the Monday, after bird season ends. This year it's Nov. 29th. The fatalities in Ma. have gone way down, as we are required to wear orange hats and vests while deer hunting. New Hampshire, just to the north of us still has deer hunting fatalities, almost every year. They don't require hunter orange, AND the state motto is 'Live free, or die' !!!!!! Not too bright!

I've heard about PetMeds before, but never used them. I used your link, to check out the two meds I buy for my dog. The Frontline Plus at PetMeds cost $79.99 for six. My vet charges $65 for six. The other med is Heartguard Plus. PetMeds charges $27.99 for six. My vet charges $30 for six. So, I pay $2 extra for one, but save $15 on the other one. I go to a country vet, whose office is in his house, low overhead. I'm sure the city vets with the fancy new office buildings charge more.

Your right about the cost of pet care these days. I have state sponsored insurance, so it's quite inexpensive. I'd have to believe that I pay about equal money for both myself, and my dog. But then again, I've been lucky not to have any big vet bills. $700 for a stray! You must be getting soft in your old age, hahahahahaaa.

Not to start any arguments, but I'd have to believe this week has been the worst for US casualties, since we invaded Baghdad. I can remember when we went in, there was very little resistance. I was wondering where all the Republican Guard were? Now we know, we just took care of hundreds of them!

HOOO-Ra !!!

Re: Happy Veteran's Day, John, and to all our other Veterans!

john h on 11/15/04 at 10:59 (163972)

Brian is it not strange how our perception of war has changed and in particular battle field casualities. In 1943 on the daylight bombing missions over Germany (8th Air Force) you had a 1 in 3 chance of being shot down on any one mission. You had to fly 25 missions. Obviously you had less than zero chance of not being shot down. As a pilot, these B-17 pilots and crewmembers all deserve a Medal of Honor as they flew almost to certain death day in and day out. These were 18 and 19 year old aircrew members who barely knew how to fly and were volunteers. One of my pilot buddies in Iceland in 1955 was on the Battan Death March. I doubt he weighed more than 115 lbs as he never could gain weight after his ordeal. We suffered around a million dead in WWII. During the Civil War you would see 50,000 casualities in one battle. What kind of men will march shoulder to shoulder straight into a volley of cannon and thousands of soldiers hidden behind rocks and fences like at Gettysburg? What kind of men will climb those cliffs at Iwo Jima or hit the beaches on D-Day knowning you are probably going to die? The price of freedom does not come without a cost and it seems we have always had the men and women who were willing to step up and pay the price. I have found that for me the friends I formed on the battle field or battle skies were like no other friends I would ever know. Some sort of bond is formed that transcends anything I have ever experienced. I think 99% of everyone is scared when facing possible death. Everyone seemed to handle it in a different way. Some drank to much. some talked to much. some did not talk at all, some prayed a lot, some laughed or made humor when they could but in the end everyone did what they were supposed to do and did it well. One thing has not changed and that is war is about death and destruction and if you are to beleieve thousands of years of history there will always be war somewhere..

Re: Brian

Kathy G on 11/15/04 at 18:35 (164001)

Isn't NH's motto ridiculous? And to think we have to ride around with license plates that say it! I was so happy when I heard that they were going to come out with a special plate. I pictured something nice. You have some pretty plates in MA and I notice lots of nice ones from other states. What did they put on ours? A MOOSE! While I think the money goes to a good cause (conservation), I won't pay the extra money for a plate even uglier than our regular plate. Not only that, this is NH and I don't believe that the money will really go to conservation. I'm afrad it'll get used for other things, the way the money from the lottery did. Originally, proceeds from the lottery were supposed to be used for education but it didn't end up happening.

Haven't we had some beautiful weather? Today was delightful! I was comfortable in just a sweater.

Did you get any good fishing this year? When we were on the Cape, my son came down and he was leaving, around 11PM one night, to go fish and he had on all his gear. He stood there and said, 'You know, I look like a fisherman. Too bad I hardly ever catch anything!' But he had fun and that's all that counts. He's taken up fly fishing but hasn't attempted to tie any of his own flies.

Good to see you!

Re: Brian

Dorothy on 11/15/04 at 23:28 (164021)

I wonder how many states did the same thing: to get the lottery to pass, 'they' promised all proceeds would go to education. Once the lottery was installed, that promise faded like morning dew. It was an Illinois legislator who once said - in my opinion, brilliantly - that the lottery was a tax on fools.

Re: Brian

Dorothy on 11/15/04 at 23:29 (164022)

I've tried to tie flies, but they're really hard to catch and they're not at all cooperative.

Re: Brian

Kathy G on 11/16/04 at 10:05 (164043)

:) - You're crazy, Dorothy!

Re: Brian

Dorothy on 11/16/04 at 12:09 (164060)

I take it by the smiley face icon that you mean that in a nice way. I will take it that way and here is my smiley face.


It's not as cute as yours, but it does appear to have a healthy liver!! (Actually, I just haven't troubled myself to find and use those cute icons.)

Thanks Kathy G.