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Stress Fracture before/after/during EPF! LOL!

Posted by Pat on 11/12/04 at 10:09 (163692)

I had a stress fracture with PF and just had surgery last Wednesday (November 3rD). They removed the bone spur, did an EPF and put some wires through my heel bone to improve the circulation to heal it. So far I'm up on the crutches for half a day and using my roll-a-bout for half a day. I just don't want to overdu it because of the stress fracture so I'm resting and icing alot. I go to the doctor on Monday to have half the stitches removed. He said the stress fracture so still there when he did the surgery (it was found through a bone scan and I wore an air cast for about 7 weeks before the surgery and it didn't heal). Now I know at one point they want to take me from the cast and have me wear that walking shoe but I'm afraid because of the stress fracture and I was wondering if they could do an MRI to see if it's still there prior to taking me out of the air cast. The doctor said I can't have another bone scan because of the dye they show up positive for about 10 months. The stress fracture doesn't show up on an X-ray so I'm wondering how they can tell if it healed before I switch to the walking boot. I plan on asking the doctor on Monday but I want to appear semi-intelligent so I know what to ask for. Thanks.

Re: Stress Fracture before/after/during EPF! LOL!

Shell D on 11/12/04 at 17:51 (163747)

My story is similar to yours, Pat. I had EPF surgery last January and then discovered I had a fracture 3 weeks later. I AM STILL IN A BOOT 9 MONTHS LATER!!!! My fracture was never seen on x-ray either. I had a bone scan. I have also been in a cast, crutches and boot. Why would a fracture take so long to heal? Actually this week, I've started 'weaning' out of my boot and into my shoe. What a LONG ordeal. Good luck to you.

Re: Shell D

Pat on 11/13/04 at 08:35 (163808)

WOW! I'm sorry to hear about your stress fracture. Supposedly during my surgery for EPF the doctor put some wires through the bone to improve the circulation to help it heal. I've also heard that sometimes after EPF surgery people get stress fractures so maybe yours happened after. I have no idea how the mechanics of the foot works and it seems weird to me to get a fracture after surgery but I've heard of it. I thought the same thing about my fracture - why the heck isn't it healing. I'm wondering though Why are they keeping you in a boot and how do they know the fracture hasn't healed if they didn't take another test somehow. I know it sounds like I'm asking dopey questions but I'm so afraid of this happening I want to have as much info with me as possible when I ask my doctor on Monday about the stress fracture. If you want to email me personally my email address is (email removed) - I really would like to here your story. Besides, I'm stuck in the house since this surgery and it's making me nuts! LOL!