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Help Going out of my MIND

Posted by Linda O on 11/12/04 at 10:14 (163693)

Hello again I am being treated for PF however my Dr is not addressing beyound that I have a like numb sleeping sinsation on the outside of my foot below the ankle I have pain going up my leg knees hips lower back all involved to top this off my right foot is in pain now bottom at the ball of big toe and down center of arch heels on both feet painfull.HELP is it time to find another DR. I have looked up peraneal tendonitis as Dr Z suggested that could be one answer I looked up tts that is very simlar too.
I know this is long please give any advise you can as I am a widow and I need to work I don't have any ss because I am to young.I lost my job because I can't stand long on my feet my legs swell.Thank You In Advance for any info.

Re: Help Going out of my MIND

Dr. Z on 11/12/04 at 21:54 (163776)

May have to see a neurologist or another podiatrist