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John H..recipe request

Posted by Linda V on 11/12/04 at 16:01 (163732)

This is not a joke. My husband has always craved the chipped beef he used to get in the service. It was one of his favorites. I have tried 3 recipes, but he says I still don't have it quite right. Were you a fan of this dish? Does your wife still make it and if so, would she share her recipe? I will be happy to make it for my husband. I'll have pizza that nite.

Re: John H..recipe request

john h on 11/12/04 at 19:28 (163766)

Actually my wife did make this at one time in our life on a regualr basis. It was a standard in the old days in the mess hall and was affectionately known as SOS. I will let you figure that out. I imagine there are many receipes but it sure looks simple to me if you can make good white gravy thick not thin). Just add the chipped beef and put that puppy on some toast and your husband can relive nirvana. If your hubby want to really relive the experience it should be served on a GI type compartmental metal food tray.

Re: John H..recipe request

Dorothy on 11/12/04 at 22:44 (163777)

We used to have this when I was a kid and, for nostalgia's sake, I've made it a few times - exactly as John H. says. There are recipes all over the place in the commonly available, general cookbooks like Better Homes & Gardens, Betty Crocker and the like. It's often called 'creamed dried beef' on toast usually - that's the only way I've ever had it - but some serve it on mashed potatoes or other starchy base (rice, whatever). It used to be considered a frugal kind of recipe, one that could be stretched to make a meal go farther. I confess to liking it although I am aware its nutritional value is not good. Maybe back in the days when dried beef was a more natural product versus what it is now - pressed, chemicalized, re-formed, etc. - it was of better nutritional value. I seem to recall dried beef was different back then.

Re: John H..recipe request

Susan S on 11/13/04 at 08:12 (163806)

My mother used to make it when I was a child, and it was one of my favorites. She would melt margarine in the frying pan and put the chipped beef in to let it saute gently for a while with the margarine. This would allow the flavor of the chipped beef to come out more. Then she would add the flour to that and stir well, and then gradually stir in the milk for the white sauce. Maybe she would add pepper, but I don't remember.

These days I wouldn't use margarine, probably either butter or Smart Balance.

Re: John H..recipe request

john h on 11/13/04 at 10:17 (163819)

As a child I think we had it for breakfast with biscuits on occasion.

Re: John H..recipe request

Susan S on 11/13/04 at 10:43 (163824)

We just had it for dinner on toast. It would have been a yummy breakfast, especially on biscuits.

Re: John H..recipe request

Dorothy on 11/13/04 at 12:45 (163834)

Likewise - on biscuits. Mmmmmmmm, biscuits.