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orthotics help

Posted by Amy on 11/14/04 at 11:44 (163888)

Hi all-
I have been lurking for some time and decided to come out and introduce myself - also I have a question. I have been suffering from PF since july/august with no relief as yet. I massage, stretch, ice, don't run or walk (this is greatly affecting my quality of life), take celebrex, and try to wear a night splint/sock. The PF was caused, I believe, by trying to return to running too quickly following the birth of my second son. I am seeing a Podiatrist and am in the process of trying to break in my second pair of rigid orthotics (the correction was too much in the first pair). I am in saucony stabil shoes. My question is: how long did it take you to break in your rigid orthos? I am at a week+ and still can't wear them more than two hours. The POD is making me an entirely new pair (he cast me again and is having a diiferent lab make them). He claims they will be softer. In the mean time he said to wear the ones I have as much as possible. I wonder if I am doing more damage though since they HURT. The only other shoes I can wear are Danskos. The birks aggravated the prob as well, I think. I am so depressed. Any insight on orthotics would be appreciated. I don't even want to run anymore, a walk with my sons would be nice. Thanks -

Re: orthotics help

Place on 11/14/04 at 13:36 (163890)

Many Lurk, but welcome to the conversation hope you can get some answers! I was told by my pod that you should know if it's working by the third week. You many not be perfect but you should know if it is helping or hurting. I just got a new pair of soft orthotics, and I am still getting used to them. They fit me like a glove and unlike my old hard orthotics, I don't have any arch pain when I over do it (just heel). I used to have both. I am not sure if I broke in my rigid orthos or they just did not work becuase I still had pain. PT gave me a schedule to brake them in that involved 7-14 days. Wearing them 30. min in morning and then at night. Increasing each session by 30.min each day if your not having any problems.