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PDS - what does that stand for? Diagnosis was beginning dislocation of toe joint

Posted by f. sage on 11/14/04 at 12:14 (163889)

About 3-4 months ago I began to have discomfort on the ball of my left foot close to the base of the big toe and 2nd toe. It felt as if I had a crease in my socks yet I did not. Finally went to a podiatrist last week who took 3-4 X-Rays of my left foot only and said I have ?PDS - can't remember what it stands for. He said the X-rays show the beginning of a dislocation of the 2nd toe joint, not at it's base, but the next joint up toward the nail. He said he has people every day coming in with this and his actually totally dislocated a year or so ago necessitating surgery. He taped my toe 'down' (coban around the whole foot then a longish strip around the toe and attached criss-cross underneath to the wrap) to take the pressure of it so that more weight would be on the big toe. He said to try this for a month, then come back and if working would take an impression for an orthodic. I've tried it for 4 days and the discomfort is much worse with the toe taped down. Whatever is hurting is NOT the toe itself but something at its' base so taping it down is in my opinion putting more, not less pressue on whatever is causing the pain. Also, if a joint is beginning to dislocate from tissue breakdown (I have hiked and played tennis all my life - I'm 62)would the joint itself hurt - it does not.

What should I do?

Re: PDS - what does that stand for? Diagnosis was beginning dislocation of toe joint

dawn g on 11/14/04 at 21:00 (163940)

I don't have an answer but I would like to hear the answer to this problem as I too feel as though I have a crease in my socks when I'm walking. It is in both of my feet and it doesn't seem to matter what shoes I'm wearing. It is very uncomfortable in fact painful. If you have a solution to the problem I would be ever so grateful.