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To Carole WW and my ESWT update

Posted by Tina H on 11/16/04 at 07:23 (164031)

Hi all-
Carole, thanks so much for sharing your weight loss story. That's very inspirational. Serious knee problems and 3 years of pf have contributed to my gaining 30pounds which is awful. WW can be very successful, but for me, it really depends on the leader. You've inspired me to look again for a group with a great leader.
I am now 4months post ESWT, and the last 2 days I have had almost no pain at all, just a little twinge. Just wanted to share that with everyone. I feel like I'm sitting on a fence and it could go either way, so I'm not going to do anything crazy, like resume my 5 mile walking loop. Please keep your fingers crossed. I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up. PF has kept us from taking the kind of vacations my husband likes, but since I'm doing so well, we decided to use some of our US air frequent flyer miles before they go bankrupt and we are going to Europe for 10 days. I'm nervous about my foot, but poor hubby needs a vaction! For the first time in 18 years my parents are coming to 'babysit' our teenagers. It will be interesting for all, I'm sure! Thanks so much, you guys are the best!! Tina H

Re: To Carole WW and my ESWT update

Kathy G on 11/16/04 at 09:54 (164037)


I'm not Carole but how exciting to go for a vacation for ten whole days! Hmmm....will your parents still be in one piece when you get home? :)

You used to live in Europe, right? For how long?

Don't hesitate to use a wheelchair in the airports if you have to walk a long way. I had a sprained ankle, along with my PF, one time we went to Florida and I didn't have to walk far in the airports, but I used one at Disney and it made the trip so much more enjoyable. If I'd had to walk far in the airport, I would have used one there, too.

When do you leave?

And, yes, Carole is an inspiration to us all! She's come a long way, with her feet and her weight. She's a determined, strong person!

Re: To Carole WW and my ESWT update

Carole C in NOLA on 11/16/04 at 18:12 (164080)

The WW leader really does make a difference, I agree! I happen to have stumbled on one who is very inspirational. She is such a dynamo and I leave her class full of enthusiasm each week.

Glad to hear that your ESWT was so successful! You are smart to resume activities cautiously and gradually. As long as you are making progress, you will be doing those 5 mile walks eventually.

Take good care of your feet in Europe!

Carole C

Re: To Carole WW and my ESWT update

Carole C in NOLA on 11/16/04 at 18:13 (164081)

aw, thank you Kathy! :D