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Close Vote

Posted by john h on 11/16/04 at 09:59 (164038)

One of our counties in Arkansas ended up in a tie for one of the elected spots. There were two outstanding ballots that they were waiting for from out of state that have just arrived.

One county in another state ended up with a dead heat and they used a coin toss to determine who won.

All rental cars are now offically rented in Little Rock for the Library opening and people comming in will have to take a taxi or the trolley. Clinton arrived yesterday. Al Franken (yuk) is doing his show from Little Rock this week. Some of the Hollywood crowd has arrived and doing a little entertaining. Forecast is for 69 degrees and widely scattered showers. I bet I could rent a room in my home for a $1000 a night. Security is really getting tight all over the city.

My health club normally offers flu shots each year. Of course they did not this year as the sate health department took control of the flu vaccine. Yesterday the health club started offering the inhaled flu vaccine for $30. Must be that this vaccine is not controlled?

Re: Close Vote

Kathy G on 11/16/04 at 10:04 (164042)

Wow, that really is close, John! A coin toss, really? I suppose if it's a dead heat, it's up to the candidates, huh? I don't know if NH law has any provisions for such a thing but it's unlikley!:)

It's kind of an exciting time to be in Little Rock. There was a piece on one of the national news programs about how the library has helped the economy of Little Rock. It's certainly an interesting looking building.

So did Bill send you a personal invitation? :)

Re: Close Vote

Susan S on 11/16/04 at 10:20 (164048)

I believe that the inhaled vaccine is not safe for the high-risk groups that the shot is being saved for.

Re: Close Vote

Ed Davis,DPM on 11/16/04 at 10:34 (164051)

Things are so close in WA State, we don't know who our next governor will be yet.

Re: Close Vote

Dorothy on 11/16/04 at 12:06 (164059)

It's live vaccine and can actually cause the flu. It's different from the shot in a number of ways.

Re: Close Vote

marie on 11/16/04 at 18:28 (164085)


you have alot going on in Arkansas! I think it would be a very exciting time. I bet the security is very tight. Keep us abreast of the situation.


Re: Close Vote

JudyS on 11/16/04 at 20:26 (164115)

I heard about that 'coin toss' vote in AK on the network news.
Speaking of close votes, I'm sure some of you have heard that San Diego does not yet know who its mayor will be.
A quick recap: We had a primary last spring that identified two candidates. The city charter says the mayor's office must be contested between the top two vote-getters in the primary and that the office itself must be won by a majority of the vote.
BUT.........the city code says that there can be a write-in candidate in the final election! So a city councilwoman announced her write-in candidacy five weeks before the general election - making three candidates for the general. Clearly the city charter and the city code are in conflict - but NO OFFICIAL said a word when she announced her candidacy as a write-in.
One of the two primary winners is winning about 31% of the vote, the incumbant is winning about 34.2% and the write-in candidate is winning about 34.7% - she's been consistently ahead since voting day with the counting not expected to be finished till Nov. 30.
Well........(now that the write-in lady is ahead?) there are suddenly three lawsuits challenging her right to run as a write-in candidate! Remember - no one said anything, no lawsuits, when she announced her candidacy. The City Clerk says he felt her candidacy was consistent with the city code and with past practices. He also says he consulted the City Attorney's office before he OK'd her candidacy but the City Attorney says he never heard a word about it!
Yesterday the first judge denied the first suit. The first suit claimed she had no right to run - the judge said the City Clerk was right and the the City Attorney implied acquiescence by his lack of response at the outset.
More lawsuits to come..........what fun!

Re: Close Vote

Kathy G on 11/20/04 at 07:57 (164402)

I saw a story about that situation, Judy. I'll be interested in hearing how it all turns out. Something just doesn't ring true here!