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Posted by James C. in KY on 11/16/04 at 18:33 (164086)

Has anyone heard of this procedure where they freeze your fascia and when it heals back the nerves do not know that you were ever hurting? Check out the web sight at http://www.footfreezer.com or http://www.cryomed.co.uk.I talked with the company at cryotech(1-866-847-7705) and they are trying to locate me a dr in the central Ky area. They have had a 90 % success rate at some offices in the detroit area.Dr Lawrence Fallet in Michigan has a article in Biomech magazine. It is on the web at http://www.biomech .com it is in the Oct issue I think it is listed under the footcare section of the sight and it is very interesting. I was wondering if anyone is familar with a Dr Melek in Logan W. VA.He is the closest dr to me that I can find that does this procedure?I hope this will help some people as I have tried I think about every possible thing there is to try.(ESWT,TARSAL TUNNEL RELEASE,PARTIAL PF RELEASE.ORTHOTICS,PHY THER,CORTIZONE INJ,SPINAL CORD STIMULATER,METHADONE,and every other conservative measure that there is).I have tts and pf in both feet the left is the one that they have done the surgeries on. Please help if you can
James C in KY


Ed Davis, DPM on 11/17/04 at 14:52 (164185)

Thanks for the info. I have left a message with Dr. Goldstein who runs the footfreezer website as i would like to investigate further.


Dieter Fellner on 11/21/04 at 07:26 (164473)


check this out (if yo haven't done so already!) http://www.cryomed.co.uk/



Ed Davis, DPM on 11/21/04 at 20:12 (164509)

Thanks. Fascinating concept. Any information on the duration of pain releif for neuromas?


Cyndi on 12/13/04 at 18:43 (165578)

I had this Cryo-surgery last May on my left foot and now I have a nerve problem that is even worse. I still cannot stand and have yet to get orthotics to fit . I am waiting for them to be returned to me a third time. I have found the new Foot Microbead slippers to wear around the house. I saw them at Brookstone for $65.00 and got mine at Sam's Club for $15.00. They are just slip on house slippers, but, conform to your feet.
I still have trouble leaving the house.
I lost balance and fell last week in a movie theatre and torn a ligament in pelvic area. Now 8 weeks with a walker( more stable) and a wheel chair
if go anywhere. So far I have not used it, but, the wheel chairs are getting hard to get when shopping this time of year.
It is terribly hard to walk now and just little baby steps, so sore in pelvis. My wrist also hurts and a I am whining, Sorry!


Dr Goldstein on 12/16/04 at 18:49 (165779)

As one of one a few cryosurgeons in the country i am curious as to your statement that you had cryosurgery and you are worse. I di not know who did our surgery but it is safe to say that no one i have done and have performed over 100 procedures is worse unless the procedure was performed improperly. You may contact me personally at http://www.footfreezer.com to discuss this personally


Cyndi on 12/17/04 at 21:37 (165821)

Are you saying, Dr. Goldstein, That you have never had a case of Cryo-Surgery turn out bad? 100%, did I read correctly?

My Dr. at least confessed a 90% cure rate and yes, I am worse. I never had nerve pain till after this surgery. Can you inform me to how long it will take for this tissue to re-generate?

I was told I had Atypical PF with no morning pain or pain to touch. It only got worse with standing to the point of being unbearable to stand.

I started using a cane while healing from the brusing from the Cryo-surgery and now have a walker for balance. I think this is worse than I was before.


Dr. Z on 12/18/04 at 15:29 (165839)


I am sure Dr. Goldstein will address your question. What I have found with Atypical Plantar fasciitis is that in some cases it is a neurological disease such as sensory neuropathy that can progress or may be aggravated. Have you had a complete neurological examination by a neurologist?. Atypical is a very painful, frustating and a difficult condition to treat and help. It isn't impossible but it can be very tough, especially for you the patient.


Cyndi on 12/18/04 at 17:56 (165840)

Yes. Dr. Z....
I have seen a neurologist for a complete work-up. He did alot of Bloodwork and I now take Neurotin for nerve pain.


Dr. Z on 12/18/04 at 20:34 (165842)

Did he feel that you have any neuropathy? Did you have any nerve conduction studies/EMG What were his comments about the cryotherapy and any effect that it may have had with your treatment


una v on 12/30/04 at 20:30 (166322)

i had cryosurgery in november 2004. from a scale of 1-10, i was a 10 before the surgery. i did not have a spur, it was just excruciating pain on my heel when i walked. was told it was plantar fasciitis. the surgery brought my pain down to a 6. still i had alot of pain when i get up in the mornings, which is why i decided to do a second one. i just had the secind one done this morning. i did not want the actual surgery where they cut up the tendon. i just hope i made the right decision. i am in a little pain right now, but i think it's just the soreness (i hope). will keep you posted on my recovery. if there is anything else you have tried and is giving you relief please let me know.


Dr. Z on 12/30/04 at 21:03 (166325)

Have you looked at ESWT for plantar fasciosis. This procedure is very specific for the type of heel pain that you have in first thing in the morning. Keep us posted. Feel free to ask any additional questions


Chantel on 3/02/05 at 08:32 (170263)

Dr. Golstein,

Can you tell me if this surgery is good for someone who has had liagament release surgery. I had LR surgery APril 04. Have been back in pain ever since.


Melody O on 12/23/05 at 08:03 (190175)

Hello sometimes when all else fails we have to go directly to the creator Jesus Christ the ultimate healer for healing call the 700 Club for prayer. The other question is which Sam's Club did you get the slippers at?


J F on 1/08/07 at 23:57 (219152)

Does anyone know of a Dr in California or Huston Tx that performs Cyrosurgery for Morton's Neuromas?