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tts vs pf

Posted by Amy on 11/17/04 at 12:39 (164170)

How do you tell the difference? My PF not getting better and starting to wonder if it isn't something else. Appreciate any info.

Re: tts vs pf

LARA on 11/17/04 at 15:53 (164187)

TTS is sometimes misdiagnosed as PF. PF is fairly common and most (all?) doctors have seen if before. TTS is fairly uncommon and many doctors never see a case. My doctor says I'm the only patient she has with TTS

It can be difficult to determine the difference. And NCV test can sometimes tell you. However, the NCV test has few false positives, and enough false negatives that a negative NCV test doesn't rule out TTS.

My podiatrist said the PF that is treated and remains or gets worse is probably TTS.

Without a diagnosis ther are things you can do:

night splints help PF, but not TTS
compression socks help some people with TTS, but does little for PF
Dansko shoes help me (with TTS) - I think they help PF also, but not sure - who cares if it works? : )