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De Ed respose to your question FHL!!!

Posted by Jureviscius on 11/17/04 at 17:23 (164195)

Dr Ed thank you for your time.

To answer your question the pain is only localized on the inside ankle and no pain is underneath the foot at all.

The cast i was in was intially a cam walker for 4 weeks , then a fiber glass short leg cast for another month with no success in relief.

Can fhl tenosynovitis be a chronic condition and how much risk is invoved in performoig a fhl tenosynovectomy with tarsal tunnel release. What problems can i run intlo ,if the surgery is unsuccessful? Van i be in more pain? Can i end up with numbness tibnling which i do not have at all?

What else can i do????????

Thanjks agin!!!!!!!!

Re: De Ed respose to your question FHL!!!

Dr. Z on 11/17/04 at 19:13 (164202)

I just hada very similiar patient . It was determined that there was an extra muscle pressing on the FHL causing the pain. Release of a ligament aod partial removal of the muscle is the plan for this patient.
I have a four year trained ankle specialist with me and he was referred to for ankle problems. The problem was missed on the mri by the radiologist and picked up by the ankle specialist. You need to have an ankle specialist with experience