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Pain Continues Still No Diagnosis??

Posted by Michael on 11/17/04 at 19:32 (164206)

Hello I have left messages here before this November will make it two years of contant 24/7 pain. My pain is in the arch the burning pain does not ever leave. I spend all day trying to help relief the pain. I take OyContin for pain but that just takes the edge off. I have been to many doctors none of which have come up with a diagnosis. I've also had ankle clonus for about 15 years which really has not given me any problems other then stiff legs, sizzors walk and poor walking mechanic. My neurologist thinks my pain is from the many years with the poor walking mechanic have broken down my feet. I have had all the test EMG's, blood work and MRI's all have been fine. Could it be my facsia is just broken down and that is where the pain is coming from? So tired of being in pain I just can't do nothing no more. No one understands how hard it is to live always being pain. Is there anyone else here who lives is in pain which never stops? Could I have PF or what else would cause so much pain in the arch? I have no other pain from ankle to head only on the bottom of my feet. I've tried heat, ice, taping, orthotics is there anything else I could try to get some relief from this horrid pain. I want my life back the way it use to be. I want to go on hikes, mountain bike riding, shopping, out to eat and out to visit my friends and relatives with this pain I just can't do nothing. My primary care doctor is not compationate at all. All he tells me is we are not gods you will just have to live your life in pain. I'd like to see him practice medicene or do anything with the bottom of your feet on fire. If anyone can help me please help. No one should have to go two years of being in constant pain. I think I'd be better off in jail with no pain. I beg of help from anyone I am 54 years old I still have time to try ane live a normal life. Forgot to mention I am married have been married now 34 years and my wife has been my life savor without here I think I'd be dead by now I have suffered so much. If anyone wants to write please email me at (email removed) or give me a phone call my number is 626 335-8929 I want and need help. Thanks, Michael

Re: Pain Continues Still No Diagnosis??

R C on 11/18/04 at 12:14 (164259)


I wish that I could help. The only thing I can think of is acupuncture. I've tried it myself for a number of issues. I find it is mostly hit or miss. A couple times it worked like a miracle; for other things it had no effect. Please do not lose hope, but keep in touch with this message board. At least we can commiserate.


Re: Pain Continues Still No Diagnosis??

Cyndi on 11/27/04 at 15:55 (164769)

I rememeber you also Michael, and have not forgotten about you. So you still are NOT getting relief from anything?
Gosh, I wish I could wave a magic wand for you. So even non-weight-bearing you are in pain? The POD I saw gave me a RX for a cream that you rub on, he said it is kinda like the shots only external. It helps me some, at least till I have got off mine and rested. Also the hot foot bath helps some, and I use epson salts. These are no cures , but, just help some temporarily .I walked today for an hour and Boy, I wish I had not. I thought I had to go to Michaels's for some Christmas ribbon while it was on sale. Taught me how bad I really needed it. I still cannot wear shoes and got another clog which has a stitch on the bottom so I put some
sponge inserts between me and the shoe.
Our spouses are saints to put up with us, I know. Bless us, that we have them.