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Just got diagnosed

Posted by Marian on 11/17/04 at 23:25 (164217)

I just saw my doctor today and was told that I have PF... now im only 19 and its not like I run a marathon everyday.....I guess I just dont understand how I can get somethin like this when im so young...and I have soo many questions ..so confused.........the doc told me to buy heel pads and Ice my foot and then told me if that didnt work then I would need a night splint....but how long do I try the heel pads for before using a night spling?

Re: Just got diagnosed

R C on 11/18/04 at 12:09 (164258)

I'm sorry that you have PF. I hope it goes away soon. If you do run for exercise, I suggest that you stop altogether until the pain is gone. Stay off your foot as much as you can. Don't get a cortisone shot without getting another opinion (from here, for instance). Avoid the weight-bearing calf stretches that are often prescribed.

A few other questions, before I can think of additional suggestions. What caused your injury? What kind of doctor did you see? Do you have low or high arches? Pain worse in the morning?

Re: Just got diagnosed

lisa71 on 11/22/04 at 15:38 (164552)

I felt the same way and still do. I injured my foot in the summer of 2003 when I was 16 and have dealt with constant ups and downs for the past 18 months. So it is not impossible to contract this ailment at our age.

First be calm because you probably don't have that bad of a case since you are so young. Second Stop Running. You will only aggrivate it making your heeling take even longer. Read Scott's Heal Pain book on this sight even though it is kind of long. Figure out if your PF is due to biomechanical (walking the wrong way) or lack of stretching. Orthodics help with walking problems and their are exercises for stretching problems.

They want to see if your PF can be cured with conservative treatments first before they go for the more intensive night splint.The night splint is a pain to sleep in since it is so bulky. You can do stretches to but I would consult your doc before doing so since you do not want to worsen your condition.

As to how long you need to try the heel pads and ice is something between two weeks or two months. Your doc should tell you.If your case is bad and your are so confused you may want to get another doc. I went to two. One did not explain the problem very well but the other did.

But I am not a doctore so I obvouisly can't guarantee correct info.

Good Luck