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Question about Footmaxx orthotics

Posted by Lana on 11/18/04 at 08:55 (164244)

I've got my Footmaxx othotics yesterday from my podiatrist. Before he put orthotics in my dress shoes he took the original insole off the shoes. Today I tried to wear different shoes and I tried to take and original insole off. It was glued very hard and I almost damaged the shoes.
My question is whether or not it is absolutely necessary to take the original insole off the shoes before putting orthotics and if the answer is yes, why? Also how do you take the insoles off without breaking the shoes?

Re: Question about Footmaxx orthotics

Kathy G on 11/18/04 at 09:48 (164251)

I have Footmaxx Orthotics but the only thing I wear them with is running shoes. That is to say, the only shoe I can wear is running shoes. I was under the impression that you can't wear them without taking out the inner sole of your shoes but I may be wrong.

I'd suggest you call your Pod and ask him if you can wear them with the shoe's inner soles, and if not, how to remove said soles. I love my Footmaxx but they are expensive and you shouldn't hesitate to call your doctor with any questions you have about them.

Good luck with them. Remember to break them in slowly. I hope they work out well for you! :)