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TTS post op swelling

Posted by Sheena on 11/18/04 at 22:04 (164315)


I've been reading the posts here for months. Thank you all so much. I had TTS surgery on 9/22 on one foot. I have an excellent surgeon, I believe. Everything has gone very smoothly until today. I have been walking for very limited periods without crutches for about a month, a little more each day (I work at home). Today, though, the area just above my inciion really gurts, and it's more swollen than it's been in weeks. I just did a contrast bath. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? It feels muscular. Thanks in advance!

Re: TTS post op swelling

denise g on 11/19/04 at 05:25 (164326)

Sheena,I had tss surgery 10-1 on one foot, and have swelling above the incision, the pain above the incision i have is a burning type of pain, my physical therapist tells me it is scar tissue and she is trying to break it up. I hope she is right as she uses an agressive massage which I find painful and I hope is not irritating to the healing, but she has an excellent reputatation and I feel I have to trust her as I don't know what else to do. However I find this very upsetting as you must, as i had been pretty ok initially after surgery. I walk on my foot a lot and wonder if this is bad for it and delaying healing. Did the contrast bath help? I am using ice massage. DO you think 6 months from now all this pain will be gone?