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sudden attacks of itching in arches

Posted by theresa g on 11/19/04 at 16:30 (164375)

I don't know how else to explain it. It seems like a sudden attack of itching. If I'm wearing my sneakers, all I want to do is cram my fingers into the shoe with the purpose of scratching my arch area, sometimes the side of the foot above the arch but below the top edge of the shoe. It happens about 1-5 times a day and passes quickly. It may happen when I'm seated or when walking. There are no skin changes with this. There haven't been any changes such as with new socks, new detergent or new shoes or inserts. I already have a heel spur and PF in the left foot, though this sensation has occurred in both feet, never at the same time. I had PF surgery on the right foot 2 years ago. Once I get on some good insurance with my new employer, I plan to have the surgery on the other foot, if needed.

I'm thinking it may be some sort of nerve thing, but I don't have any tingling or numbness. It's always in the same area of my foot, though, which makes me think of a nerve problem. Other than being 47 and having heel spurs, I'm in pretty good health.

Any ideas on this?