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Anyone posting from England

Posted by Karen G on 11/20/04 at 11:47 (164418)

Hi is their anyone posting or reading this wounderful site who are from England? if so whats your experince of docs, hospitals and treatment been like. My experince has not been a good one, i believe through their lack of knowledge, caring and understanding my PF has gotten worse.

Re: Anyone posting from England

Julie on 11/20/04 at 11:54 (164419)

Karen, I am in England. I went privately to a podiatrist in London who was excellent: knowledgeable, thorough, skilled at diagnosis and treatment. My PF (which admittedly was a straightforward case) resolved in five months. if you are in London, and can afford to go private, I can recommend him. This is his website address: htt[://www.londonpodiatry.com .

In general, my experience with NHS doctors and hospitals has been very good, but I have no experience of podiatric medicine within the health service.

Re: Anyone posting from England

Julie on 11/20/04 at 11:55 (164420)

That should have been http://www.londonpodiatry.com .

Re: Anyone posting from England

Dieter Fellner on 11/21/04 at 07:28 (164474)

Hi Karen,

I am a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon working in the NHS in England - I am sorry you have had experiences. Let me know if there is anything you need to know in particular. If you prefer you can e-mail: (email removed)


Re: Anyone posting from England

AmyM on 11/21/04 at 13:57 (164490)


I'm in the UK, if you're lucky you'll get a good doc BUT the NHS is streched to the limit and feet problems are a very, very low priority so the chances are you've been told to go to Boots, get some arch supports and stop complaining!
I don't really have any good advice, if you can afford to go private do, but again, you might have to visit a few people until you find someone that knows what they're doing and that can add up. Plus we're rubbish at 'shopping' for doctors in the UK...
If you can try and get a referral to an NHS podiatrist, that can take a year or two. Also if you can try and get refered to an orthotist. I had foot pain for 12 years before my GP refered me to a podiatrist and it was about 15 years before I got custom orthotics, so keep trying.

Best wishes

Re: Anyone posting from England

AmyM on 11/21/04 at 14:08 (164491)


I thought of another couple of things. You can get ESWT privately in the UK, if you search for UK on the website you should pull up some of the old posts, there is a clinic in London and one in the south of England near Havant. You can buy Birkenstocks from a shop in Covent Garden in London, although I havne't been their for some time. You can buy online but check to see if they've made their website secure before you do. (it wasn't the last time I tried). Some people order their Birks from Germany and that works out cheaper, I've ordered a few pairs, some have arrived, some haven't but I've never been charged for the ones that didn't. Also if you're ever in Wexford in Ireland there is a Birkenstock shop their with a great selection. You could also consider seeing a physio privately as that can make a big difference. An NHS pod that I saw gave me Vasyli orthotics and you can buy them online too. Sorry, it's a bit rambling, hope some of the info helps.

Re: Anyone posting from England

john h on 11/22/04 at 09:47 (164536)

Am I understanding your post that you have to wait two years to get an appointment with a Podiatrist though NHS? Why? Can you go to a private Podiatrist if you want to and what are the typical charges?

Re: Anyone posting from England

AmyM on 11/22/04 at 16:29 (164554)

It depends where you live, different areas have different waiting lists. Very few GP's will actually refer you to a podiatrist unless you specifically ask for it. You can certainly wait a year or two for an initial appointment, that appointment, when it comes, will probably last 15-30 minutes. I suppose there are too few podiatrist and too big a waiting list. Chronic pain /PF etc are low proiority as resources are focused more on services for people with diabetes where complications can have much more serious side effects, this is understandable. You can go to a private podiatrist, I'm not sure of current prices, probably £50-£200 and all treatment orthotics etc on top.

Re: Anyone posting from England

Kate S on 11/25/04 at 09:40 (164704)

Too right - this is a very expensive complaint - I have had this for 3 months now and can only walk with the aid of a stick! So far, my doctor has ignored me - then a locum injected my heel (didn't work), a hospital A&E dept were marvellous and said I should go to their soft tissue clinic, but as I was on holiday and lived too far away- I couldn't! A private podiatrist has made orthotics for me at a cost of £300 - but they don't help the pain and can sometimes make it worse! Accupuncture once a fortnight (that works short-term) £27 per hour! Night splint purchased from America for £30 - could have got one on the NHS if my doctor had been interested in referring me.
All in all - loads of money and I still can't walk - do all my exercises and tin can rolling but as soon as I sit down and get up again I cannot walk for the pain!
That feels better at least I'm ranting at people who understand!

Re: Anyone posting from England

Julie on 11/25/04 at 09:53 (164705)

Kate, what exercises are you doing? If they are weight-bearing they may be part of why you aren't getting better. Please describe and I will try to help (sorry if you've already described: if you have, I don't remember :) )

Go back to your podiatrist and request that the orthotics be adjusted, and keep going back until you can wear them. Meanwhile, you might like to investigate taping, which supports the arch. If it works for you, it not only relieves the pain, it rests the injured fascia and gives it a chance to heal.

Re: Taping - for Kate

Julie on 11/25/04 at 09:55 (164706)

I should have said that you'll find instructions and illustrations for taping in part 2 of the heel pain book (which I hope you've read - it's a good source of information).