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Elyse & Helene...I agree!

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 11/21/04 at 15:23 (164494)

Yes, I agree that most pods. don't enjoy having educated 'foot' patients.... (& maybe other drs. are like this too, I cannot say anything about them as I've not had enough experience there....& for that I am thankful!

Re: Elyse & Helene...I agree!

Tina H on 11/22/04 at 08:02 (164532)

Rachel, maybe I'm a little older than you, and I've dealt with this situation on numerous occaisions with regard to myself and my children. Here are my thoughts. First of all many of us could have been doctors if we had chosen that career path. Secondly, if a doctor feels threatened by a patient knowing as much, or I've been in this situation before, more than the doctor, then my advice is find a new doctor. One time I had a situation where I knew more about an infectious agent than the family doctor monitoring my son. I promptly switched to a doctor who welcomed intellectual dialouge and listened to my concerns. I have to say that my current family doctor doesn't really know very much about pf, didn't mind saying so and sent me to someone who does. We can't expect doctors, especially general family doctors to know everything but in my opinion they should listen to us, welcome our questions, and be willing to refer patients when they don't feel qualified to treat a condition. This situation reminds me of the many times as a teacher that I've been humbled by having talented, gifted high school students asking questions that I couldn't answer. I've always welcomed these types of students and their questions even though at times I've been challenged. Bottom line, if a doctor doesn't like having you as an educated patient, find a new one.

Re: Elyse & Helene...I agree!

RACHAEL T. on 11/22/04 at 21:44 (164570)

Yep, that is what I did; dropped the old doctor! And, actually - I found a great pedorthist who is also a fabricator of artificial limbs & breasts.....& he has been sooo helpful in my latest, greatest pair of orthotics thus far!
He has been cooperative in adjusting them - & feels that the slightest adjustment may be helpful in the long run (no pun intended) (-:

Re: Elyse & Helene...I agree!

Lisa B on 2/26/05 at 17:52 (169976)

Can you recommend this great pedorthist to me? We live in the East Bay outside of San Francisco, CA. if you're in another part of the country, you don't have to send info, as we are looking for someone within driving distance. Thank you.