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ESWT - setting right expectations

Posted by bob m. on 11/21/04 at 18:32 (164506)

My wife is scheduled for ESWT Ossatron on November 29. What should she expect post-ESWT regarding mobility, pain, etc?

Re: ESWT - setting right expectations

Dr. Z on 11/21/04 at 19:36 (164508)

This is an excellent question. I would need to know more specifics about her life. Her life style, type of work if any, is she undergoing IV/General anesthesia.
How much pain is she in presently?. What limitations does she have now.? Does she have other lower extremity joint pain. These will all contribute to her recovery.
After being involved in a few thousand procedures with the Dornier Epos Ultra I can tell you the follow expectations with this device
1. Very few have severe pain after the procedure.
2. Most will experience some level of pain reduction within one week
3. Max. reduction of heel pain takes at least 16 weeks, up to one year
4. Some pain will NOT achieve pain relief for at least 12 weeks
5. Some patients will need a 2nd treatment if at 16 weeks there is very little to no pain reduction
Just curious? What information did your ESWT treating Ossatron doctor give you about treatment, post-eswt recovery. Any thing in writing?

Re: ESWT - setting right expectations

Lori S. on 11/22/04 at 00:16 (164522)


I think if you read this eswt board you will find several people who have told about their post eswt days, me included. But it really all does come down to individuality. Without typing everything here for everyone again if you want to email me, I would be glad to share with your wife how things have gone since eswt. I am happy I chose eswt, best wishes to your wife!

Lorinda (email removed)

Re: ESWT - setting right expectations

bob m. on 11/28/04 at 16:44 (164807)

Dr. Z.
Ellen is in constant pain when walking - right foot worse than left - it is also acute in the morning. She describes it as 'burning' sensation - 'knife in her heel'. She has gotten continually worse over the course of the last 18 months. She been in night splints for about 1 year and also has had problems with carpal tunnel in both hands. She does not work presently.

She will be under General for the procedure.

No major other limitations. We met with her doctor last Wednesday. He said there is almost no risk other than being under general. He said 'a gorilla could do this procedure' - 7-8 minutes. Claimed about 70-80% success rate after doing over 100 Ossatrons. He said it may take 6 months to see results - 'its all over the map as to the timing'. He said it would not get worse though.

Said to go about business normally post-ESWT...

I asked about Ossatron versus Dernier. He said originally he thought Dernier would be better due to better 'targeting' but has found targeting is not that critical and believes Ossatron has provided better results.

Curious as to your comments on any of the above. Thanks.

Re: ESWT - setting right expectations

Dr. Z on 11/28/04 at 17:02 (164809)

I agree with most of what he has stated. I believe there is a study on bilateral ossatron ESWT treatments, one year follow. I believe the results were about 80%.
Healing does take time six months to one year is a very good guidline for pain resolution.
With the ossatron, in their broshure they talk about plantar fascia rupture and increased pain post ESWT treatment.
You need to reduce excessive standing, walking, running post ESWT
I can't relate a true comparison between the two machines, however targeting is very critical. You need to target what is called the pain epicenter to get the best results. This is the area that hurts really bad when the doctor presses on the spot
As far as general anesthesia I am surprises that anyone is using General for ESWT. I use regional local anesthesia and at times IV sedation.
It sounds like you wife needs ESWT and will do well