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What exactly causes calcification

Posted by LilCricketPa on 11/21/04 at 20:56 (164515)

I am just really curious as to what exactly causes the calcification? I have had to have the retrocalcaneal / achilles tendon reconstruction due to a large tear in the tendon. I was at the point where the tendon was almost completely ruptured due to the calcification poking through the tendon. It has been a lengthy recovery period. Finally after 9 months, I am having a bit of 'pain-free' time during the day and night, and I can finally spend a good bit of time on my feet without swelling. Although when my foot gets really cold or when the weather changes drastically, I can feel the pins. I am told that I may always feel that. It is at least berarable though.

However, the other foot is doing the same thing and I will probably have to undergo surgery in that foot within a few years. Is there any way to stop it from happening further?

Re: What exactly causes calcification

Dr. Z on 11/21/04 at 22:23 (164519)


This is typical due to repetitive stress to the fibers of the achilles tendon where it inserts. There are other reason such as poor biomechanics, systemic conditions such as rhematoid arthritis,injury, a tight achilles is another factor.
I would have my gait evaluated, foot type and biomechanical examination done to see what can be done if anything to prvents
Another treatment that is very helpful is the personal foot trainer.
I have a question was an mri used to determine that there was a tear in your tendon or was it determined at the time of foot surgery

Re: What exactly causes calcification

LilCricketPa on 11/22/04 at 17:22 (164557)

First an x-ray was done, then they did an MRI to confirm. I do have RA, and there is a small tear in the other tendon. I guess that is why they are predicting that it will need to be done on the other foot in the future. Not much can be done to stop the RA.