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post eswt ?'s - docs

Posted by Lori S. on 11/22/04 at 00:28 (164523)

I am still having severe pain sometimes. I realize I have increased my activity level, but no more than I feel comfortable with. My right foot just aches sometimes,still shooting pains sometimes, causing muscle aches/spasms up my calf. I am 7 1/2 weeks post eswt. My left foot is better, still occasional twinges of pain, but nothing like before.
Another question I have is... Does eswt break up the bone spurs?, or are they still there? I havent had a post eswt xray yet(this week), just wondered that.

And the last, I have avoided anti-inflamatories and ice, some doctors say 6 weeks , others say 12, I am wondering what the doctors here think is best?


Re: post eswt ?'s - docs

Dr. Z on 11/22/04 at 18:57 (164560)

ESWT doesn't broke up heel spurs. Here is what I do. I avoid NSAID for six weeks, use lots of heat. Taping for pain. I would use the pf stretch- are you limping first thing in the morning?
Some patients have what is called a rebound- meaning I was feeling great now I have pain. You may be having this. See your doctor he can tape your foot, possible physical therapy. Some times a foot cast, or cast boot. Time to see your podiatrist and discuss this with him.

Re: Dr. Z

Lori S. on 11/23/04 at 00:00 (164586)

First, I would like to say thanks, for taking time to try and answer our questions, and help everyone here. I did see my doc today. I am having a different tendon problem right now, no stress fractures, or anything of that nature, per my doc. Sometimes it just sucks when you have setbacks, yesterday was a rough day.
I have avoided nsaids, and I use heat, alot of heat. Taping sometimes. And the pf stretch is great, hopefully more people will see this when Julie gets it posted, I think it really has helped alot.
I am 7 1/2 weeks post eswt, and tho I am dealing with more pain this last week or so, I would do eswt again. Nothing helped before, we tried everything except open surgery. I was seriously considering a wheelchair, and now I can walk, sometimes even without a limp, really says something. I have been having first morning problems more, but my night splint got here today, hopefully that will help. And I always do stretches before I ever consider getting out of bed.
Thanks again, you are appreciated for your help,