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What helps me a bit - and what doesn't!

Posted by skull on 11/22/04 at 23:16 (164574)

This weather is killing me. If I move my foot a bit shooting awful pain runs all down my foot and around my ankle. Cold wet weather like this definitely agravates my foot - especially if I go OUT in it like I had to tonight.

What has helped me is neurotin and ultracet. I take the neurotin daily and the ultracet on days like today. It actually helps better if I don't wait until it hurts THIS bad to take it.

Another thing that is helping is since I left work to work at home, i got a kitchen timer. For the most part I don't let myself stay up on it during the day longer than 15 minutes without sitting down, and I don't sit down and work behind the computer for longer than 15 minutes without getting up.

Both sitting down for long periods and getting up make it hurt much worse, so until I got out tonight in this crazy weather and had to do STEPS (I go to college) I was ok.

The other thing that really REALLY helps is the hot wax baths.