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Z Coil Shoes

Posted by Trudy on 11/23/04 at 11:44 (164602)

I have heard alot about the Z-Coil Shoes. I would like to hear from people that have tried these.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Lynn F. on 11/23/04 at 15:38 (164611)

Trudy - I know 2 people (one with PF) who swear by them. I thought they were quite strange at first but now I am willing to give them a shot. I asked my podiatrist about them today in fact, but he wasn't familiar with them and couldn't offer advice. I'm going to order them and will post once I've tried them.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Julie on 11/23/04 at 16:05 (164615)

Trudy, use the search facility to look up past posts about these shoes. There have been quite a number over the past few years.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Dave on 11/30/04 at 09:43 (164953)

Discover magazine, Dec., 2004, page 80, has a short artical on Z-coils.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Ed Davis, DPM on 11/30/04 at 11:58 (164961)

I own a pair. I don't wear them very often because they feel too much like a high heel. Some have told me that the spring on my shoes may be too rigid.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Lotchie Kerch, DPM on 12/21/04 at 09:04 (165914)

Hi Ed,
I own Your 2 Feet in Seattle, and have been studying and selling the shoes for a year now. You probably need to switch to a smaller coil. I can talk to you at our Clinic 'Z-coil meets the Professional' Jan 26 to describe the 31 adjustments to the Zcoil psin relief footwear.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Lucile C on 2/16/05 at 23:43 (169222)

I have worn them for two months and really do not feel comfortable in my old shoes any more. I suffered a good deal of foot, back and knee pain. Now I get the back pain only if I've been off my Z-Coils for some time, for example, when doing chores around the house in my slippers. I put on the Z-Coils and the pain disappears.

I have the sandals, and really love them. I am on my feet a great deal, and sometimes at the end of the day, I was close to tears from foot-weariness and foot pain. Now all that is but a memory.

Truthfully, they take some getting-used-to. My first trip outside, I felt I was going to fall forward. Then I learned to step back on my heels and since then I've been literally walking on air.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Tim M. on 2/18/05 at 11:55 (169346)

I'm with you, Lucile!

I've worn them for about a year and a half, and the only time I wear my old orthotics and regular athletic shoes is as a pair of house slippers (going to the shower, etc.) and when I am riding my bike.

The floor just feels so hard with my regular shoes!

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Karen on 3/10/05 at 07:42 (170860)

The shoes are great. I have two pair.
I also have a bad ankle and knee on the same leg.
They do help a lot.
They are also good for back pain.
They are, I agree, not the best looking shoe in the world but for the tread mill and the grocery store they are great.
When you go back to your OLD shoes, you REALLY notice the difference in your pain level. I even run in mine. They are a little heavy but, so be it. They make the pain scat!

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Judy B on 8/02/05 at 08:46 (179713)

I've worn Z Coil shoes for two years- the very first time I tried a pair on in the store I noticed pressure relief in my lower back - I was working in excess of 60 hrs a week and by the end of my week my feet hurt all the way up into my knees - after wearing Z Coils the pain in my knees and claves is diminished greatly - my experience in buying Z Coils is to buy at a store where the sales clerk actually knows what they are selling - the coils come in different guages ( what size gauge do you need?) the last can be manipulated if need be by warming with a hair dryer- they need to be able to watch you walk in them and see if you bottom out on the coil when you walk - if so, you may need a stronger guage or vice versa - coils should be replaced according to wear or else you will loose the benefit of the shoe and you may begin to hurt againwearing Z Coils for the past two years has enabled me to work more hours therefore having a better income - they are definitly work what they cost in the long run.

Re: I love my Z-CoiL's!

Jim S. on 10/07/05 at 17:14 (184287)

I have been wearing them for 3 years now and I could not function without them! I have two bad knees, a bad foot, and a torn hamstring that did not heal correctly. I couldn't walk now I can run several times a week!

Make sure that they are adjusted right by the dealer. You should at least try them on.


Re: I love my Z-CoiL's!

Bill on 10/20/05 at 16:52 (185264)

I've worn Z-Coils for 5 1/2 years exclusively. I presently own 5 pair. I had suffered increasing pain, over the years, from
Achilies tendonitis. I had exhausted every avenue of treatment except surgery. I had a closet full of custom made orthotic inserts. I had shots, pills, everything. I saw every type of Dr., Practioner, and Quack I could find. Enough pain and you will try anything. So, when I heard of this strange shoe it is not such a stretch to understand my desire to try them. My first day with this shoe changed my life. I now walk where and how far I like pain free. They still look rather strange to me, but you will not catch me anytime without them on or near by.

Re: I love my Z-CoiL's!

Debi R on 10/30/05 at 18:28 (186241)

I love my Z-Coils too - wouldn't be without them. They cut down on the impact of your weight on your joints. I wear them for severe knee pain (arthritis), but have several friends who have suffered with plantar fasciitis or heel spurs. They all seem to like the Z-Coils. Some have had better results than others (one girlfriend bought her first pair off of E-Bay and they really are too tight on her - she paid almost as much as retail - she went and got another pair at the Z-Coil store). I would say for sure to get the best results with them, let the professionals fit them, but they are definitely worth a try if you have pain - foot or back pain or knee pain especially. They have a generic orthotic built in the shoe, but you can still use other orthotics in them tii sometimes - depends on the problem.

Re: Z Coil Shoes

Linda H on 9/25/06 at 19:19 (211313)

I was in an accident that damaged my knee. I tried these because I was in so much pain that I couldn't stand for any length of time at all. I am a student and a nursing assistant, so I was on my feet alot. They are great, cut the pain by half or more. i need a knee replacement, so they don't take it all away, but can't do the surgery right now, so these are the next best thing.!!!!!!