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When you have tts, do they put you to sleep?

Posted by skull on 11/23/04 at 16:28 (164619)

I don't want to be put to sleep - do they offer epidurals? Does anyone know? I've had 2 rather young (30's) good friends die being put to sleep. They say its rare but its hit so close to home twice for me that no way do I want that if I can avoid it.

Does anyone know if an epidural is an option? I'm not squeamish or anything, and I know they work well since I had one with my c-section.

Re: When you have tts, do they put you to sleep?

denise g on 11/23/04 at 20:45 (164644)

I had something like an epidural but into the muscles in my back. They also gave me an iv drip (something like valium that put me into a light sleep during the surgery.) However it is safer because it is not like a general anethesia of being knocked out.There is no need to intubate you. Perhaps you could inquire about this, this is what they use at the Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC which is one of the most top notch orthopedic hospitals. I woke up right after surgery just like I wake up in the a.m. when they cut off the drip. I think this an even better option than being awake

Re: When you have tts, do they put you to sleep?

LARA on 11/24/04 at 09:14 (164661)

When I was considering TTT surgery (which I never had) I too was concerned about the anesthesia. I understand that the risk is greatest the first time you have anesthesia, but there's always a risk with any intervention. My doctor said they couldn't use a local cuz they didn't want me to be able to move/flinch - but they could do an epidural. My mentor describes ankle surgery she had for another problem and she was awake (an epidural I believe). However, when I had my knee surgery they wouldn't consider an epidural because they had the assembly line set up and it would take longer and not fit into the system to do an epidural. I could have chosen to wait and make other arrangements, but decided it wasn't worth it. Part of the problem there was I didn't research it enough ahead of time and only found out the day before - and I really wanted my knee back. Good luck.

Re: When you have tts, do they put you to sleep?

chris on 11/29/04 at 07:57 (164838)

I had a local to numb the nerves in my foot and lower leg. I was completely awake for my surgery.

When they numbed the nerves in my foot - it hurt bad - I won't lie to you!