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Surgery Update

Posted by Pat on 11/24/04 at 19:15 (164680)

I had PF surgery with bone spur removal on 11/3/2004 - 3 weeks ago. Had my third followup visit with the doctor yesterday and got the stitches out. He wants me out of the air cast and in the surgical walking shoe so I've been doing that around the house but it hurts! It isn't excrutiating or anything but I am definitely a wimp! I still use one crutch to lean on because I have some neurological problems with my feet/legs and I just can't put all my weight down on the surgery foot yet. He said that I could take the bandage off this Sunday and just put a regular bandaid and neosporin on the scar. The bottom of my foot is still a little black and blue but the first third of my foot (before the bandage) and my toes are swollen and no matter how much I elevate it won't go down. The Doctor said it's going to take a while but at this rate I won't be wearing regular shoes for a while. Other than that I'm tired of staying in the house! But on the plus side I used the motorized scooter at Walmart yesterday and that thing was great! LOL!