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Toe Smashing Surgery

Posted by Rosie W on 11/25/04 at 08:59 (164700)

Does anyone know anything about this? I believe it's popular in New York amongst ladies wishing to fit into fashionable shoes and am trying to find out about it. If anyone could point me towards a surgeon or any information I'd be really grateful.

With many thanks
Rosie W

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Dr. Z on 11/25/04 at 13:08 (164712)


Where do you live?

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Rosie W on 11/26/04 at 09:24 (164741)

In London! I am trying to do some research on the procedure for a TV programme and trying to make contact with someone who carries it out, preferably in New York but can go anywhere in the US (within reason) if it's a good surgeon.


Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Julie on 11/26/04 at 09:49 (164743)

Rosie, I hope your programme is going to warn 'ladies wishing to fit into fashionable shoes' against this idiotic notion.

All foot surgery is major surgery, and if it goes wrong, which it often does, the person is left with serious problems for life. Sometimes this may be a risk worth taking - i.e. to remove a cancerous growth, or to try and fix a painful problem that is depriving the person of mobility and a full life, but for a healthy person to seek surgery for reasons of fashion is simply crazy, but no-one should encourage them.

Please urge your producers to take a responsible attitude on this issue. There will always be surgeons ready to supply a demand, it's money in their pockets, but for goodness sake, discourage women from going to them.

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Dr. Z on 11/26/04 at 13:17 (164748)

Dr. Suzanne Levine is the founder of this area of podiatric surgeon.

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

NB on 11/29/04 at 05:09 (164834)

exactly Julie-its crazy-surgery always has risks-I am a GP and feel it is unethical to operate for cosmetic reasons that are not causing psychological problems-people dont realise what chronic pain is like until it happens and what a pointless way to get it

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Julie on 11/29/04 at 05:16 (164835)

Dr Z, I missed this when you posted it.

Are we to infer that you support the idea of cosmetic foot surgery to enable silly woman to wear fashionable shoes. And that you're happy to help a TV producer find doctors who will perform toe-smashing surgery?

I refuse to believe this of you.

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Julie on 11/29/04 at 05:19 (164836)

Yes, NB. It's always hard for me to believe that there are doctors around who are happy to satisfy this kind of insane/inane demand. Thanks for your post.

Are you in England? I wonder what TV channel Rosie is researching for.

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Dr. Z on 11/29/04 at 11:37 (164851)

I am absolutely against this form of foot surgery. My goal was to have a reporter interview someone who has been doing this procedure for years. This surgery isn't going away, so an informed patient is the best we can do. I turn away a few cases each month. I have learned that if this is a skin cosmetic problem, a tatoo could remove discoloration without any invasive cutting. BUT No Way would I do this type of surgery- Why: Cause you can't resolve a toe problem that isn't painful. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Julie on 11/29/04 at 16:32 (164878)

Thanks Dr Z - I knew you couldn't possibly be a fan of it. :)

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Dr. Z on 11/29/04 at 16:55 (164883)

No way. Back in 1999 I have the opportunity to explore this type of foot surgery, but turned it down for obvious reasons

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

NB on 11/30/04 at 11:18 (164955)

yes Iam.Channel 5 I imagine!

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Julie on 11/30/04 at 16:17 (164976)

I'm sure you're right! I await the programme with interest. Or should that be trepidation.

Re: Toe Smashing Surgery

Ed Davis, DPM on 12/09/04 at 20:26 (165417)

As far as I know, almost every 'authoritative' group in the podiatry profession has come out against 'cosmetic foot' surgery.