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shockwave therapy

Posted by anne on 11/25/04 at 21:25 (164718)

How does one sort out the contradictions in all the info on plantar fasciitis? For example,I found your link(excellent site by the way - very detailed and informative)when I went to http://www.shockwavedoc.com.That site states that plantar fasciitis 'is not an inflammatory condition' and 'there is no good scientific evidence to support that orthotics or cortisone treatment work'.Yet so many people that I've spoken to,including my chiropodist,have testimonials as to the efficacy of orthotics.And where is the scientific evidence for shockwave therapy? The success rate was shown to be anywhere from 65% to 90% depending on the literature...How does one sort through the info and decide where best to lay down a good chunk of cash? (I am considering shockwave therapy.)
Thank you for your time.

Re: shockwave therapy

Connie H. on 11/29/04 at 09:01 (164843)

Anne, I'm not a doctor, I'm a fellow pf sufferer. I had custom orthotics made for me in 2000, and they helped some, but not much. I've tried night splints, physical therapy, cortizone shots, stretching, ice, rest, ibuprofen cream, ultrasound, deep tissue massage, that I can think of right now. I am scheduled for shockwave treatment on Dec. 21st, and I've been researching it since the beginning of the summer. I came to this decision by reading the studies on the ESWT page on this site, and I read posts on the ESWT board. I looked up a woman who has posted on this site in the past, Martha B., and we met for lunch--she actually works in my dentist's office!! She had the treatment in 99, and is now pain free. She traveled to Canada for it. If you search her name on this site, you'll be able to read her experiences. Lori S. also has posted her experiences, and there are others. I asked the Doc.'s on this site questions, and called providers. My podiatrist also recommended it, and a friend who is an orthopedic Doc told me that 'they are actually getting quite good results with it.' For me, I do not like the idea of foot surgery. I'd rather try something that's non-invasive, that doesn't have a long recovery time where I am off my feet, and that doesn't change the way my foot is constructed. I'd rather save surgery for a last resort--if this doesn't work. That's my reasoning. Shop around for better rates if you don't like the one you are quoted. If your doctor uses the Ossatron machine, you could find treatment for a lot less money with someone like Dr. Z. Or with United Shockwave Therapy. Sorry to write a book...I just went through all of this myself, and wanted to give you some encouragement. The ESWT board is pretty tied up with some bickering right now, but you can post there and ask for people's experiences.

Best of luck to you!

Re: shockwave therapy

Ed Davis, DPM on 11/29/04 at 19:26 (164896)

Connie and ScottR:
Connie -- thank you for the post. ScottR -- as you can see, many are being chased off the ESWT board due to the problems there; please rethink that board and make room for patients!

Re: shockwave therapy

anne on 11/30/04 at 20:42 (165003)

Hi Connie
Thanks for taking the time to respond. After all the reading I've done on pf(it really does deserve to be lower cased),what's one more 'book'?
I wish you all the best with your surgery...please let me know how it went.
Best of luck to YOU!