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6 mo po p.f.surgery and finally relief thanks dr.z&dr ed

Posted by R.L. on 11/26/04 at 15:49 (164753)

well ill be going on 6 mo post open p.f. surgery my doc said 4 wks. to nomal activys what a joke i started working 5 weeks ago and the first day i stood for 8 hours i was in the worst pain of my life but i have a family to support and no money comming in but five weeks later foot is starting to heal and feels so much better i figure maby 2 to 3 mo. more till full recovery i really though at the first 3 month that the surgery hade made me crippled i was so scared so now i thank god and keep the faith and remenber 6 MONTH TO A YEAR FOR OPEN P.F. SURGERY TO HEAL

Re: 6 mo po p.f.surgery and finally relief thanks dr.z&dr ed

Dr. Z on 11/26/04 at 16:34 (164755)


Glad you are on the road to recovery. It is very important that posters who decide to under pf releases understand and are told about the very long post recovery

Re: 6 mo po p.f.surgery and finally relief thanks dr.z&dr ed

Pat on 11/28/04 at 08:17 (164785)

I had this same surgery twice - once was 10 years ago and the Pod was terrible. Everything that could go wrong DID! It was the worst experience of my life. Despite trying everything and anything (they actually did 4 cortisone shots within a month of the surgery because my foot swelled so bad) it took me almost a year before I didn't have the pain and could get out of bed and walk to the bathroom in the morning without sitting on the bed for about 10 minutes to get my foot going! I have a sit down job and live by myself so there was no choice but to get to the job but I would cry from the pain. Part of the problem (found through tests) was that a nerve was cut during the surgery. Unfortunately, last year I got PF on my right foot and with a cortisone shot and PT it went away but this year (along with the fact that I wore orthodics all year)it came back along with a stress fracture and nothing could 'cure' it. I had EPF with bone spur removal (and wires put through my heel bone to improve the circulation to heal the stress fracture) on 11/3. This surgery was totally different. I'm now in a walking shoe and still use one crutch just for balance (which is another of my problems). Alot of the swelling has gone down and while I know it will take time to heal I am walking on it (slowly) and will return to work in a few weeks. I'm really sorry you're having this experience but I've been there and done that and it does get better. At the time you think it never will but if you're improving it will continue to improve. I'm curious what they did after the surgery as far as tests etc. to see why you're still having all this pain.