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Air cast

Posted by Karen G on 11/27/04 at 16:26 (164772)

Hi has anyone worn a air cast and has it help your PF? Also can i still do Yoga feet streches? Thanks x x

Re: Air cast

Pat on 11/27/04 at 19:43 (164777)


I actually wore the air cast for 6 weeks prior to my EPF surgery. I actually wore it because I had PF and a stress fracture and while it did help when I started walking again it hurt so it didn't help that much. I did some reading on it and found out that 60% of the people that try the air cast go back to their original pain after it's removed but since it helped 40% I would give it a shot. I had to also wear one two weeks after the surgery and it was just heavy and would make my leg tired!